Sunday, August 12, 2007

The tolerance of the "moderate" left?

Mary Helen of Corner of the Sky blog wrote a blog entry about Why I (she) Am (is) Pro-Choice. That's fine with me, but I didn't realize I needed an invitation to visit or comment at her blog. After being accused of assuming that she believes "fetuses" are human beings after asking a series of questions based on a comment in her blog entry, I apparently wasn't careful enough in the framing of my own belief which, I suppose, didn't meet her semantic standards, I offered:

"I hate to argue about abortion and don't plan to start.

I'll jest bow out and leave yer librul self alone, now, thank yew verrah mutch. :)"

I was told:

"Certainly I didn't invite you to this blog at all, let alone to argue about anything. Hope you have a wonderful evening."

Thank you, Mary Helen. I do plan to have a wonderful evening (what's left of it) and will definitely plan on waiting for an official invitation before I visit or comment at your blog again.

This exchange, ironically, came on the heels of a discussion about "tolerance" at The Voice Of Truth, see: The Intolerance Of The Far Left ;)


Mary Helen said...

Come by anytime. Anytime indeed.

And for your readers who want the full context, click on over and read the whole story and the whole series of comments. It's not a bad dialog at all.

VT said...

Wow...I didn't the exchange as MH being mean. Just goes to show how you can interpret things when they're words on a screen and there's no vocal inflection.

Jacke M. said...

You know, VT, I don't know how someone could interpret someone's saying "certainly I didn't invite you to this blog at all," as being nice or pleasant or anything other than snippy and mean, but I'd really like to move on now, this has taken up far too much of my time and thought processes as it is and after my last entry on the subject my intent was to wash my hands of it. If it had been anyone other than you I doubt I would have replied to this comment at all.

Thank you.