Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just a "rounder upper"

The Libertarian Guy gave me a little undue credit regarding the Container Ordinance that was brought before City Council at it's August 13 meeting, in his posting, A night in the sausage factory:

Point is, this is an issue in search of hand-wringing and worrisome pacing. What few complaints and problems have occured (one per year over the last five years, with a suspicious recent uptick after the issue got aired out by this cat and by this troublemaking puddin'-stirrer, God love 'er).

You can read my response there.

I would refer you to the pod cast of the Vincent David Jericho Show this morning, KSGF > Podcasts > Vince David Jericho This Morning and the Lib guy's post for more information on that ordinance and the Special Committee meeting held last night at City Council Chambers. Of course, I'll be roundin' it all up later, but these two and Vince's callers and guests left little unsaid on the issue this morning!


Jason said...

Don't be bashful. I know very well that being on the radio doesn't do anything unless you have people on the ground willing to stand up and make something happen. If you don't have those people...or if they've been bullied into silence like in a few small towns I've seen over the years...you can end up with dangerous situations and abuses of power.

Do you mind if I add your blog to my list of blogs I recommend?

Jacke M. said...

You're very kind, Jason.

But I DID want to give the credit where it was due.

It'd be an honor if you added my blog to your list. :)

The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

For the record, as I pointed out in a comment on my blog... I meant what you do in general, JH. I must've been giddy from the stoopid fumes in the air after all the Deaver commentary at the Council meeting. ;)

Jacke M. said...

Not a problem, Lib guy, I just saw it as an opportunity to brag on a couple of great guys and took it! :)