Friday, August 31, 2007

Gordon's Feed & Pet

Gordon's Feed & Pet at 3335 W. Sunshine needs your business. No, he didn't pay me to write this, in fact, he knows nothing about it and doesn't even know who I am. I have gone to his store a couple of times now to buy bird seed for my Mother's bird feeders because he really looks like he needs the business.

He has a nice store, heavily stocked. Some really neat bird feeders with a variety of squirrel proof feeders.

I look when I pass by and he hardly ever has a car at the store.

Next time you are going to buy pet food (any kind) or bird seed, livestock feed, whatever, give his store a try. He also has a variety of cages and carriers. I really haven't had the time to shop around the entire store to see what all he carries but I know he has a bit of everything.

His store is in the lot where the old Wal-Mart store used to be, at the corner of Sunshine and West Bypass.

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