Monday, August 20, 2007

Smear campaign on Jericho continues

I didn't plan to post anything about this ugly letter to the editor about Vincent David Jericho of KSGF at JackeHammer but when "BigDaddy" wrote:

"The News-Leader has printed stories in the past that were not critical of Vince (Sarah Overstreet's story for example) but he has never said a good thing about the News-Leader, even when the published editorials have agreed with his position."

I just can't let it stand.

First of all, I have heard Vincent David Jericho mention columns he has agreed with in the News-Leader, this includes at least one column written by Tony Messenger. I can't recall the specific article Messenger wrote which Vince mentioned agreeing with but I do remember it happening.

What really galled me though, was "BigDaddy's" reference to the article Sarah Overstreet wrote on July 18, 2007, Fairness Doctrine would halt debate, not help it, anyway, I assume this is the article to which he was referring. Unfortunately, when I looked for the podcast which would have been around the time Sarah Overstreet's column ran in the News-Leader, it didn't make the cut to "Best of" shows, so the pod cast is no longer available.

Vincent David Jericho bragged on Sarah Overstreet and commented glowingly on her Fairness Doctrine article.

I don't know if "BigDaddy" is just ignorant or flat out lying but his comment was just flat wrong and needs correcting. So, here I be, correcting it. I can't stand misinformation or lies and would encourage anyone who finds misinformation in this blog to call it to my attention quickly.


Jason said...

Hi. I found your blog after your posts on the News-Leader story.

I agree with you that column contained misinformation and it was out of line for the News-Leader to publish it without disclosure of the editor who approved the piece. With Mr. Jericho, you can call him on conflict of interest if he's discussing a topic wherein he's personally invested. The News-Leader editors seem to be hiding in this case.

Jacke M. said...

I'm glad you found me, Jason.

I agree with you that it appears to be a conflict of interest on the part of the News-Leader, in their publishing of that letter, but I was really addressing "BigDaddy's" misinformation in this piece.

Certainly, Mr. Cooper can say whatever he wants to say in his exercise of free speech but the fact that there is a possibility that an Editorial Page Editor who might have approved it's print who has been given poor reviews by Jericho gives it the APPEARANCE of a cowardly, backdoor slap at Jericho.

Since, as you point out, the editors seem to be hiding in this case, that can give only more cause for suspicion in my opinion.

Of course, I recognize that my opinion isn't worth that much to some people. ;)

Anonymous said...

Are DVJ shows out on dvd yet??

Would like to buy the first few seasons, and also the special "Ice Show" feature & the Finnie interview show.

let us know.

Anonymous said...

Re: Smear campaign

We need to find out how many News-Leader editorials and articles are actually written
by Mr. Finnie or Mr Carlson.