Saturday, August 11, 2007

Springfield, safer for car thieves in first half of 2007

The News-Leader reports:

"The felony crime report for Springfield in the first six months of 2007 includes:

486 vehicle thefts in 2007 as compared to 354 vehicle thefts in 2006 for a 37.3 percent increase."

The Community Free Press - Midweek reports:

"Fatal crashes in Springfield are down 67 percent for the first half of 2007, as opposed to the same time period in 2006."

We can all rest easy tonight knowing that less car thieves were killed in fatal car crashes in the first half of 2007 than were killed in fatal car crashes in the same time period of 2006. I know I'm relieved. :)

If those cars hadn't been stolen who knows how many owners might have been killed driving them!?

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