Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Put through the wringer

I'm sorta ticked off.

I had someone at the City tell me a very specific thing and now that person seems to be suggesting that it was just an example, though at first they told me SPECIFICALLY to take it in the context of THIS "provision of the charter."

I don't want to go into details but I'll tell you, this was a VERY frustrating experience.

Why the heck did this person tell me,

"I hope you will provide the following context to this, which was to reaffirm"

a SPECIFIC provision of the City Charter and go to the trouble of noting that specific provision of the City Charter only to, later, MUCH later, tell me...

"I was simply pointing out that our policy regarding _____ is based on the City Charter, not anyone's personal preference."

Am I wrong to be a bit suspicious of such an exchange?

Am I wrong to feel annoyed after spending more than a day trying to figure out what that specific provision had to do with a very specific memorandum?


This person was either lying or wasting my time, either way it ain't good.

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