Thursday, August 23, 2007

Council Bill 2007-275

Deputy City Manager Evelyn Honea made good on her word from Monday, August 20, when she said that there would be an ordinance:

"...extending the existing administrative delay with respect to the construction, placement, location and relocation of on-site storage trailers, storage containers, and temporary storage units as established in Resolution No. 9401 and extended in Resolution No. 9447 and further extended in Resolution No. 9479 for an additional one hundred eighty (180) days..."

Outspoken business owners are rewarded with further delay after turning out in large numbers at the Aug. 13 City Council meeting and the Aug. 20 special Community Involvement Committee meeting in opposition to Council Bill 2007-254, the container ordinance.

Springfieldians are also fortunate to have a radio talk show host (see VDJ of KSGF) who will discuss such city business and provide a platform for citizens who feel they have been unable to have their voices properly considered even at a, so called, "Community Involvement Committee" meeting.

Sources tell JackeHammer that at meetings with less public presence some members of the committee and city staff made them feel even less than welcome to share their opinions than they were on Aug. 20. This is not hard to imagine considering some of the condescending, rude comments made by a certain Committee member and Council member at the August 20 special meeting.

UPDATE: Passed unanimously

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