Thursday, August 23, 2007

Council Bill 2007-216

If you click on the link under the Council Agenda for Council Bill 2007-216 you will find a fascinating story which I have wished I had more opportunity to write about.

Both Planning and Zoning Commission and city staff are recommending denial of the final plat of Bill R. Foster Subdivision, up for consideration by Council on Aug. 27.

This is a sleeper that I found intriguing at a previous Council meeting. If you are a detail person, interested in law I'd recommend you read the record of proceedings included at the link on the online agenda.

It's too complicated for me to want to even get involved in trying to explain it all, but the attorney for the developer made an interesting and valid case, in my opinion.

UPDATE: Tabled indefinitely


Anonymous said...

I would say as long as he fills in all the holes in the sub-division that are more than 20 feet deep, that people could fall into,

he should be able to build it.

Jacke M. said...

Well, after the previous council meeting I, personally, was under the impression that they are asking this developer to make corrections to existing problems that arose long before he was owner of the property. It just doesn't seem fair. He has already put in one access road. The contention is over an "alley way" was my understanding and he'd be required to lose some of his existing parking to provide this access between Walnut and Jefferson. Not only that but his attorney said there has never been another case like this...that requires this sort of compliance.
Of course everyone should abide by the fire code but it seems like, to ME, they are penalizing this guy for problems he didn't create. I think all he is asking to do is draft one lot into the other existing lot, he isn't even asking to build anything there.

Sorry for the long running paragraph. I'm too pooped to edit it. :)

Anonymous said...

I was joking about the City park hole that that poor fellow fell into....

Jacke M. said...

I know, I know, yer my in-house comedian. ;)