Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Springfield citizens get active on container ordinance

The Libertarian Guy wrote an entry on Why civic involvement works after attending the city council meeting last night, August 13, 2007.

As he wrote, there was an overflow crowd at the city council meeting. Many of the attendees were local business owners drawn out because of concerns about the container ordinance, up for first reading and public discussion.

The ordinance was tabled for more discussion and study. A special meeting was scheduled to continue discussion of the issue Monday, Aug. 20 at 7:00 p.m. at City Council Chambers. I hope the attendance will be as great then as it was last night.

I guess it's unreasonable to think that citizens of Springfield could turn out in such numbers at every council meeting? Yeah, probably so. That's unfortunate because it could only be good for our community if city administration knew that the citizen's they are there to serve care about and are watching what happens with every issue raised at council.

Here's a couple of excerpts from the Libertarian Guy's blog:

"...The much-maligned, unnecessarily complex city container ordinance got the proverbial shot-down-in-flames slash tabling for further review, no doubt due in part to the petition circulated last week among local businesses who would be most adversely affected by this ponderous ordinance...."

"...the lions' share of credit goes to the vigilant citizens, business owners, and a certain radio host for putting the issue upfront and in the light of scrutiny."

I'd add that no matter how some people feel about Vincent David Jericho, of local radio station KSGF, at least he's getting attention that wasn't otherwise being brought to bear on the administration of the city of Springfield.


VT said...

It's always great to see citizens stand up and tell the government to listen to us for a change!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Carlson found out that people were living in the containers, which was hurting his low income housing business...

nothing get by this man...

Vincent David Jericho said...

Hey JH why can't we keep the council meeting full?

They just need to be a little more fun...we could do the wave....eat peanuts....cheer.

Tommy Bow-Tie would love it!

Seriously I think you, Lib Guy even Voice of Truth have raised the bar substantially on the blogesphere and I DO believe we can continue to encourage folks to get and STAY involved.

Write on......

Jacke M. said...

I love the idea of the peanuts!

We should all bring our bic lighters for when we do the wave. ;)

Thank you for your kind words. I'm a fan of yours as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Could a container be used for the Mayor Carlson's office?

I think he would do better being closer to the people in a parking lot somewhere.

He could move it around town week to week.