Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Found in Southeast Springfield

Some friends of mine found a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. They sent the following email to me and we agreed it might be good to post it to get the word out, so help us out, here. If anyone would like to contact my friends about the dog they have found you can email me, I will collect your contact information and my friends will get in touch with you. - Jackie

FOUND in Southeast Springfield area:

> Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
> Male or Female: Female
> Age: less than one year?
> Appearance: Beautiful dog, classic AKC features
> Coloring: Smooth tan coat, black muzzle, white on chest, brown eyes
> Weight: Aprox. 60 lbs.
> Health: Excellent, clean, well cared for
> Temperament: Intelligent, even-tempered, friendly, shy, trained, not a barker, likes to have belly rubbed
> Diet: eats table scraps (seems to avoid dry food)
> Wearing: Collar, but no tags

Needs to be re-united with owner or find a good new home



Jeremy D. Young said...

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a fine breed. My father had a male that was just a loveable guy. Big crybaby that he was. Every time my father would leave the house without poor Duke he'd sit on the back deck and just cry a little....

Jackie Melton said...

Whoever it was who forwarded the link to my blog to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue people, thank you!

They have been in contact and will be assisting with finding her owner or, if that is not possible, have expressed an interest in rescuing her.

Their information has been passed along to my friends.

Jeremy, I read up about "ridgies," they sound like wonderful, strong and sensitive dogs. There are several you tube videos for viewing, if you ever want to view them. I LOVE to watch the dog videos at you tube. You can enter in any breed and see loads of videos taken by proud owners. It's a lot of fun.

Jackie Melton said...

I got a very nice email from the person who notified ridgeback rescue, with a request I update my blog as to the outcome.

So far, my friends have made contact and sent information requested by the rescue bunch. They also had the dog checked out at their veterinarian's office this morning.

I'd say, if a dog is going to be lost, being lost to my friends isn't such a bad position. ;)

Thanks for the interest!

Jackie Melton said...

My friends found a home for this dog. The new owner has plenty of space for the dog to run and exercise. They say, if, by chance, the relationship doesn't work out the rescue group will take the dog in and find a good home for her so, that's a good thing.

I appreciate everyone who took an interest and contributed information regarding the rescue group. They've been very helpful to my friends.

Thanks a lot!