Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Camp U.S.A. September 24, 2005

Camp U.S.A. held a counter protest on Saturday 24, 2005. We were countering Peace Network of the Ozarks peace protest entitled "The Stop the War Protest." We were stationed on East Sunshine, across the street from the peace protesters, who were set up in front of Congressman Roy Blunt's office.

Vincent David Jericho recorded a broadcast about the counter protest to be aired on his radio program on News Talk KSGF 104.1 FM, 1260 AM. Turnout was good. In all, the estimate of those attending the counter protest was estimated at around 200. The Stop the War Protest ran somewhere between 78 - 90 in attendance. This, alone, is a testament to the sentimentality of the majority of Springfieldians, since Peace Network of the Ozarks had been organizing their protest for months and we had larger numbers at Camp U.S.A. with only 2 days notice. : )

Vincent David Jericho interviewed both sides. He was, of course, met with disdain among the Peace Protesters. He was called names and accused of "assaulting" someone because he dared to ask them questions according to an account he gave on Monday, September 26, 2005 on his radio show.

As a member of Camp U.S.A. I was not able to keep up with all of what was going on, I was busy holding my sign, taking pictures and waving at the traffic as it went by in support of our troops.
It is exhilarating to be among such great Americans at Camp U.S.A.

On Sunday, October 2, 2005, Vincent David Jericho will be airing the unedited recording he made of the day. At that time I will be able to get more details about what was going on all around me. I plan to share more details after hearing the radio program.

I have also made contact with a woman in the local area who has been standing, virtually alone, against this crowd of anarchy-driven Peace Protesters. I say anarchy-driven because they, not only, protested that America should leave Iraq but also view capitalism as an evil empire. There were signs spouting their hatred of Halliburton as well as a sign visible which read "Bush is the # 1 terrorist," signs about "collateral damage," which is another story coming from people who also support a 14 year old girl in the right to have an abortion without parental notification, click here for more information on that: KMOV.com St. Louis, MO St. Louis Area News. I find it ironic that they, both, hold signs which claim that our government is exploiting the military and want the military not to be able to recruit in Missouri schools because these are "children" who are incapable of making adult and mature decisions while they claim that a 14 year old girl is old enough to undergo an invasive and emotional surgery such as abortion without her parents even being notified that she is having that abortion.

Such is the hypocrisy of Peace Network of the Ozarks, where right is wrong and wrong is right. In the world where a woman such as Cindy Sheehan is held up as a saint with a sign stating she is a "patriot" while she makes such statements as the one in which she said "America is not worth dying for." Such people will never understand the selfless sacrifices of men and women much more brave and courageous than themselves.

I will have more on this later and hope to eventually post some pictures on the event.

For more information about Cindy Sheehan and what she stands for click on this link: http://www.discoverthenetwork.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=2031

Until later!