Friday, October 31, 2008

Local Blogger/Photojournalist Posts Videos of Springfield's Haunted Sites

Eric The Wise has posted some videos of a couple of allegedly haunted places in Springfield at his blog, "Eric's Words Of Wisdom."

As a Happy Halloween wish, here are the links to those postings:

Pythian Castle Ghost Hunt 2005

Pythian Castle Ghost Hunt

A Blast From the Past (Clara Thompson Hall on the campus of Drury University).

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stolen Peephole Mystery Solved?

I don't normally publish the City's news releases at JackeHammer because any one who is really interested in the City's news releases can sign up to receive them in their own email box at the City's Web site.

The news release below is an exception to the rule because I'm thrilled that an alleged serial rapist has been arrested and charged but the release below also clears up a mystery.

Some time ago, the police department issued an alert that hotels and motels were reporting the exterior portion of door peepholes were coming up missing. Police asked that the public be alert and notify police if they had any information regarding missing peepholes. It was a strange request to me and to most of the people who commented to me about it. Now, it appears the missing peepholes, at least in some cases, might have been related to these crimes. Anyway, here's the city's news release in its entirety:

Over time, law enforcement has seen many helpful advances in the use of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) as evidence, mostly due to the technological development of equipment used to gather DNA profiles. It is widely believed that DNA will continue to play an increasing role in the effort to bring suspects to justice. A recent case highlights this trend.

With information developed using DNA, the Springfield Police Department made an arrest Wednesday for a rape that happened in October of this year. After further investigation and interviews with the suspect, police now believe the same individual is responsible for at least five rapes that have occurred in Springfield since January of 2000.

Initially, just two assaults from January ‘07 and Mar ’08 appeared to share similar characteristics. The victims in each case reported similar details, however the suspect’s face was concealed in each incident. This combined with little recovered evidence left police few leads to follow, except for the fact that sometimes the victim’s front door was missing it’s peephole. At the time, at least 150 peepholes had been discovered missing at various locations throughout the city, so the police department issued an alert asking the public to be aware of the trend.

One more rape occurred in October ‘08 at 664 S. Kentwood. In this case, DNA evidence was seized from the crime scene.

Detectives checked the DNA sample against a statewide database and found it matched a DNA profile taken from an unsolved rape in Fulton, MO. This was the first solid piece of evidence that linked the rapist to more than one assault, but detectives still did not have a named suspect. Numerous persons of interest had been identified up to that point, however they had all been cleared through investigation.

After discovering the suspect had attacked a woman in Fulton, detectives matched their notes with details learned during that investigation. By combining the information and checking it against department resources, police were able to identify a possible suspect that could have been responsible for assaults in both cities.

Detectives identified a possible suspect and began performing surveillance. After recovering additional evidence, police took Bobbie Andrew McGhee of Springfield into custody on Wednesday morning. Later that day, detectives developed evidence that he was also responsible for two additional rapes, one from January ‘00 and the other, from July ’08.

McGhee, 46 years old, has since been charged with fifteen criminal counts including Forcible Rape, Forcible Sodomy and 1st Degree Burglary. There is no bond set for McGhee.

The following is a breakdown of incidents in which McGhee has been charged.
January 2000 - 1772 S. Glenstone – (Lamp Lighter Inn)
January 2007 - 1772 S. Glenstone – (Lamp Lighter Inn)
March 2008 - 2750 N. Glenstone (Hampton Inn)
July 2008 - 1364 E. McDaniel
October 2008 - 664 S. Kentwood

Police investigation is ongoing, and detectives are currently examining past unsolved sexual assaults to determine if any connection to McGhee exists. Anyone else with information about the incident is encouraged call 417-864-1810 or make an anonymous report at 417-869-TIPS (Crime Stoppers).

SPD Case Number: Assorted

Media Contact: Police Chief Lynn Rowe, phone: 417-864-1782; Release
authorized by: Major Kevin Routh


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recommended Reading 32: Obama and "redistributive change"

plus a request....

Obama Camp Lashes Out at FOX News Over Coverage of 2001 Radio Interview


"I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and organizing activities on the ground that are able to bring about the coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change, and in some ways we still suffer from that." - Obama-2001

Fox News provides this link: Click here to hear the interview.

The interview ends like this:

"I'm not optimistic about bringing about major redistributive change through the courts, the institution just isn't structured that way....

"You start getting into all sorts of separation of powers issues, you know, in terms of the court monitoring or engaging in a process that essentially is administrative and takes a lot of time.

"The court's just not very good at it and politically it's very hard to legitimatize opinions from the court in that regard. So, I mean, I think although you can craft theoretical justifications for it legally, you know, I think any three of us sitting here could come up with a rationale for bringing about economic change through the courts...." -Obama, 2001, Chicago Public Radio-Odyssey

Below is the link to the original audio. I could not get it to load and it seemed to me the interview (as linked above) was cut off at the end, you know, the way he said "courts," didn't sound like the end of a sentence to me. If someone else can get the audio from the Chicago Public Radio Library to play, I would like to have verification if that was the end of the sentence or if what followed gave it a different context. As it is, it certainly sounds an alarm for me...I'm just not sure that was the end of the interview. I will try again later myself.

I know there are all kinds of pundits out there passing off half truths and misinformation, heck, even some of my favorite bloggers are engaging in a bit of it right now and it disappoints me but, as always, I want the whole truth and the whole context before I can feel confident that what I heard above, and you read above, is all there was to it. So, let's set aside partisan politics for a moment and see if we can find out if that was the end of the interview or not (and that said, I must say I am very suspicious of the intent of Barack Obama when it comes to wealth redistribution and I think there is enough to set off alarm bells as it is, but this seemed like a hanging sentence and I don't like hanging sentences).

Chicago Public Radio - Audio Library: Odyssey

January 18, 2001 Audio hosted by Gretchen Helfrich

The Court and Civil Rights
Susan Bandes – Professor of law at DePaul University and the editor of the book, “The Passions of Law”
Dennis Hutchinson – The William Rainey Harper professor in the college, senior lecturer in the law school and editor of the Supreme Court Review at the University of Chicago
Barack Obama – Illinois State Senator from 13th district and a senior lecturer in the law school at the University of Chicago


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recommended Reading 31

The Albers Report: Obama Campaign Cuts Off Florida Station


My Pastor

A dutiful servant

He preached a sermon titled "Some Things Are Not Negotiable," this morning. Us Christians ought to know what he's talking about, we ought to all have the same mind, considering we are to have the mind of Christ.

I don't believe for a minute that Christ is double minded.

My pastor reminded us that our morals should play a part in how we vote, "Some of you, you'd vote for the devil if he was a member of your party," he said.

He also said he was tired of hearing candidates, on both sides, talk about change. He doesn't believe either one of them will change much, but he is concerned about the direction of our country.

He even got a little angry as he repeated, "GOD can change things!"

Christians need to seek the will of God for every single position that is going to be filled in this election because God CAN change things and He has a clear will for our country and He has a clear choice between candidates. We should all be praying for guidance from God as we cast our votes. Prayer, as I was reminded in Sunday School this morning isn't just about talking to God, it's also about listening to God.

Let's listen, America because if we talk and we listen, God can make changes.

There really are some things that are not negotiable.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

When I'm feeling punchy

...anything and everything can strike me as funny

So, excuse me but I got a kick out of this.

Public Information Director Louise Whall published a summary of City Manager Greg Burris' proposal for fixing the police/firefighters' pension plan at CityConnect.

I skimmed over it as I scrolled to the end of the entry, having been present at the news conference, I didn't feel the need to read it closely. That's when I read, at the end of the entry:

Watch the entire presentation now.

I laughed, sounded a bit like a command to me, at the moment. Like I said, I'm feeling tired and punchy, I think it's the weather.

Watch the entire presentation and watch it NOW!

No thank you, Louise, but it was very nice of you to offer. :)


Friday, October 24, 2008

A thank you....

I have no idea who the people are who are rating JackeHammer so high at » Missouri but I thank you. I no more than publish a post and the rating shoots up from nothing to 10, the highest rating rank.

It's a real encouragement, and believe me, we all need encouragement!


Highlights of the October 27, City Council Meeting

Upcoming Council Meeting Agenda

Here are a few items which will be up for public hearing at the Council meeting this Monday night:

> Item 8. COUNCIL BILL 2008-321: A portion of Phelps Street, between Kansas Expressway and LaFontaine Avenue is being considered to be made a private street, at the Paul Mueller Company's request.

The purpose is to allow the company to create a secured parking area. Muellers would take over all care and maintenence of the street should the bill pass.

Geoffrey Butler will represent Muellers in the matter. There has been no opposition raised.

> Item 10. COUNCIL BILL 2008-322: A special ordinance adopting the Internal Auditor’s Policies and Procedures and approving the annual Audit Working Plan.

If you'd like to read a summary of the Internal Auditor's Policies and Procedures, click on the cover shot of the paper at the Community Free Press Web site and scroll to page 4, you can also read the entire policy paper by clicking this and scrolling down.

> Item 11. COUNCIL BILL 2008-323: Will authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to appropriate $165,000 from the level property tax fund to construct a public parking lot at Jefferson Avenue and Phelps Street and amend the budget in that amount, if passed.

The parking lot is intended to provide parking for patrons and employees of the Jordan Valley Community Health Center, Greene County and the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Resolutions, which citizens may address but which will, likely, be voted on at the meeting (resolutions only require one reading) are:

> Item 13. COUNCIL BILL 2008-324: "...consenting to and approving financing of The Industrial Development Authority of Greene County, Missouri for the Pregnancy Care Center, a Missouri nonprofit corporation, by providing for the issuance of Industrial Revenue Bonds in an amount not to exceed $1,700,000 to pay the costs of financing and reimbursing the costs of the acquisition and renovation of an office facility for the Pregnancy Care Center."

> Item 14. COUNCIL BILL 2008-325: "A resolution adopting the City of Springfield's Legislative Policy for 2009. (Recommended by the Finance and Administration Committee.)"

The city's legislative policy for 2009 was recommended by the Finance and Administration Committee with a vote of 3 ayes, 1 nay. Councilman Burlison did not support some of the more contentious legislative policies included and so, as a member of the Finance and Administration Committee, opposed it.

One of the contentious policies has been written about in the local news, it was a request made by the Parks Department to lobby for a ban on guns in open park spaces.

It is my understanding that there is to be a citizen speaking out against the potential gun ban at the meeting Monday night, at least that's a rumor I heard today.

As always, the second reading bills will be summarized and note made of the votes in the next issue of the Community Free Press.

To view the consent agenda bills, click this. Citizens wishing to speak to an item on the consent agenda must let City Clerk Brenda Cirtin know that they'd like an item removed from that agenda so that they might address it.


KSGF ran the Palin Rally Live

Some are estimating over 15,000 and possibly up to 20,000 people attended Sarah Palin's rally at Bass Pro in Springfield, Missouri this morning, there should be a more firm estimate later.

There was no live, local television coverage of the event.

Vincent David Jericho ran the rally live and is supposed to link a podcast to the Sarah Palin speech later in the day. You can watch the KSGF Web site for that link.

UPDATE: I understand the podcast should be available at about 3:00 p.m. today.

UPDATE II: There are some great pictures of the rally available at the KSGF Web site too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Police/Fire Pension Proposal to be Discussed Today; New Web Site Created

City Manager Greg Burris will hold a news conference today at 2:30. He will be discussing a proposal to address the growing shortfall in the Police/Firefighters' Pension system.

The news conference will air live on TV23. The video and Powerpoint will be linked at City Connect after the news conference.

The Pension Board has created a new Web site making available background information about the Police Officers' and Firefighters' Retirement system.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Community Free Press Voter Guide Available

The new issue of the "Community Free Press" came online last night and I have it on good authority that copies will be at all the news stands by the end of the day.

This issue is a voter guide issue, meaning that some people, ahem, had to fight to get what they got into the paper this go around. ;)

I can only heap praise on the political director of the paper, Brian Brown. What an excellent job of getting information out to the people about candidates and issues!

Brown wrote (page 8):

"This voter’s guide is designed to be a resource for voters. We’ve compiled basic information about all the candidates here, and we have responses to our candidate questionnaire on our Web site, The responses are unedited, and we believe, give voters a central location to learn about the local and state politicians who responded.

In the six issues since the August 5 primary, we’ve covered nearly all of the contested races in Greene County. Those stories not covered in this issue can be found in our “issues archives” under the “More…” heading on our site."

Regarding City Council coverage, CFP looked at the 1/8-cent Transportation Sales Tax, who and how priorities were set for its usage within the Capital Improvement Program; provided a city finance update and; internal auditor update, pages 1 and 4 respectively.

On page 6:

"The Community Free Press contacted the heads of the Greene County Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian parties and offered them a chance to say why you should vote for their party."

Kara Hartfield took a look at how Halloween tradition has transformed over the years, find that article on page 1.

The letters' section was very interesting in this issue, relegated almost entirely to endorsement letters and letters from candidates, I found it interesting reading.

Bob Mace is "Opinion-8ed," as usual, and you can read about the Pizza House's relocation to Commercial Street on page 20:

"After a highly publicized controversy over being evicted, a Springfield institution will triumphantly return on Halloween.

Pizza House will re-open at its new location, 312 E. Commercial St., on October 31. Owner/manager Stacey Schneider said she is happy her business will become part of the Commercial Street community...."

I can't wait to pick up the print edition and curl up in a comfy chair.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Newborns in Need Always Needs your Help!

I received a newsletter from Newborns in Need (NIN) today.

For those interested, and those who might know someone else who is interested in volunteering to assist the local chapter of NIN, here is a notice straight from the newsletter:


"Each Saturday from 9-2, the Springfield Chapter has workday and we would like to invite you to come and participate.

Often there are layettes to pack, laundry to be done, clothing to be sorted and put away, deliveries to be assembled and delivered.

Sometimes student groups or church groups come to help, but there is always a variety of things to do.

Even though workday is from 9-2, feel free to come and go as you please or as your time allows. There are drinks in the refrigeration and you can bring your lunch.

Come and join us to serve God's tiniest children. Your help is needed."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Meetings for Week of October 13-October 19

I will update this list of meetings as meetings become known to me. - Jackie

Monday, October 13:

7:00 PM City Council Meeting Old City Hall, Council Chambers, 830 Boonville Contact: Brenda Cirtin, (417) 864-1650

Tuesday, October 14:

8:30 AM Library Board Buildings & Grounds Committee Midtown Carnegie Branch Library , 397 East Central Contact: Debbie Eckert, (417) 883-5366

9:00 AM Board of Equalization Greene County, Room 113, 940 North Boonville Contact: Richard Struckhoff, (417) 868-4055

12:00 PM Special Council Meeting- Closed Session Busch Municipal Building, 4th Floor Conf. Rm., 840 Boonville Contact: Brenda Cirtin, (417) 864-1650

3:00 PM Administrative Review Busch Municipal Building, Room 285, 840 Boonville Contact: Daniel Neal, (417) 864-1036

3:00 PM Airport Board Technical Committee Springfield/Branson National Airport, Intermodal Facility, 5000 West Kearney Contact: Nanette Kirkey, (417) 869-0300

4:30 PM Partners in Education "Treasures of the City" Busch Municipal Building , 840 Boonville Contact: Mike Brothers, (417) 864-1119

5:00 PM Springfield Police Officers’ and Fire Fighters’ Retirement System Safeguard and Reporting Sub-Committee Busch Municipal Building, 2nd Floor West Conf. Rm., 840 Boonville Contact: Davd Hall, (417) 864-1530

5:00 PM Sister Cities Association Busch Municipal Building, 2nd Floor East Conf. Rm., 840 Boonville Contact: Sister City Office, (417) 864-1191

5:00 PM Watershed Work Session Watershed Offices , 320 North Main Contact: Loring Bullard, (417) 866-1127

6:00 PM Sherman Avenue Project Area Committee Mr. Yen's Restaurant , 4117 South National Contact: Marti Fewell, (417) 864-1039

6:30 PM Bob Barr Presidential Campaign Support Meeting, Library Center, Story Hour Room, 4653 S. Cambell Contact: Keith Rodgers, (417)840-8942

Wednesday, October 15:

5:30 PM Landmarks Board Old City Hall, Council Chambers, 830 Boonville Contact: Daniel Neal, (417) 864-1036

5:30 PM Mayor's Commission on Human Rights Missouri Career Center , 1514 South Glenstone Contact: Kathy Clancy, (417) 841-3350

Thursday, October 16:

8:00 AM Airport Board Springfield/Branson National Airport , 5000 West Kearney Contact: Nanette Kirkey, (417) 869-0300

8:00 AM Springfield Convention & Visitor's Bureau Board of Directors Jordan Valley Park , 815 E. St. Louis St. Contact: Tracy Kimberlin, (417) 881-5300

12:00 PM Ozarks Transportation Organization Technical Planning Busch Municipal Building, 4th Floor Conf. Rm., 840 Boonville Contact: Dan Rudge, (417) 864-1093

3:30 PM Tree City USA Citizen Advisory Committee Busch Municipal Building, 2nd Floor West Conf. Rm., 840 Boonville Contact: Alan Moore, (417) 864-1135

6:00 PM Campaign Meeting for Constitution Party Candidate Travis Maddox, Planet Sub, 3050 S. National Avenue.

Friday, October 17:

Disclosure: Some of the meeting information provided here was copied and pasted from the City of Springfield's weekly meeting schedule. I should note they are the source of city meeting information.


Information on political meetings sought

I am trying to let people know when they have a campaign meeting or political information meeting of any kind to let me know and I will post meeting times and schedules here, at JackeHammer, in the hopes of being a one stop shop for political meetings in Springfield. I don't see anyone else offering this service to the community and I think it would be a valuable service.

I will be happy to post meetings, regardless of political affilitation, to this blog so that the public may become aware of them and can choose which meetings they might be interested in attending.

Update: You may email with meeting information at, be sure to include the date, time, location, address and, if possible, a contact name and number for people who would like more information about your meeting event or organization.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Recommended Reading 30 News From The Associated Press:

"All that money you've lost _ where did it go?"


Christians: We're all God's Children

Liberal and conservative, alike

Earlier today, I noticed that a fellow Christian sister who I have a lot of respect for and have learned from, had posted something that, at first glance, I couldn't bring myself to read. It made me uncomfortable.

This evening, I forced myself to read it as I found myself considering blogging about how I couldn't read it and I realized how ridiculous that was, how can I post about something I didn't read?

What made me so uncomfortable that I didn't want to read the post initially? Very simple. It was her announcement that:

"...since I do not have any mountains nearby, I am more than happy to shout the news here, if you want to call it that, that I am a socialist."

I was glad I forced myself to read it. I can respect The Rogue Angel, as she proudly cries from, as she titled the post, "The Top Of My Mountain."

That's not to say that I agree completely with Angel, but I can understand where she's coming from. I agreed with her sentiment when she wrote:

"I think it is wonderful that I live in a country that wants to ensure that all children have a safe place to live with electricity and clean running water,"

I'm just not sure that I agree that it is necessary for the government to take quite the active role it takes in accomplishing the goals she listed, and there were more.

Angel wrote:

"For not one minute, do I believe we can just chuck all that on the "church" either ... because "we" are the church. We make up the Body of Christ. And, as a member of that "Body" ... I am more than happy for my tax dollars to go to programs that help people. That help children. That help the elderly. That help the poor. That help "the least of these.""

She is right, we, Christians, are the church...but not America, not the government.

In some ways I agree with her because I believe the church, Christians, have done an abysmal job in helping the poor and "the least of these," but I also think it might be worth considering that there are ways to help the poor and "the least of these" without delegating our Christian duties to the government, and I understand also that she likely meant she's comfortable, as a Christian, with our government taking these actions, using her Christian tax money to meet the needs of the poor among us.

I question, by the church, individual Christians, giving over that responsibility to the government are we really doing what Christ has called us to do? Would we, the church, be more able to help the poor and "the least of these" if the government wasn't taking our money from us and then redistributing it to others in need, others of their choice? (And, I also do not mean to imply that all Christians give over their responsibility to the government but, I have no doubt that some feel they don't have to help the poor because the government will take care of it, or some may even assist the poor with getting government assistance as a way of "helping" the poor, themselves.)

Those are the questions I ask. I ask myself if Christ wants Christians, even some of them, to delegate the duty they are bound to, to the government so that they don't, personally, have to take that responsibility?

The government making choices for us about what charities we give our money to prevents all of us from having more money with which to act on our own, with which to make personal decisions.

I'm not saying, either, I'm ready to throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak.

I'm not such a staunch conservative that I think every government safety-net program should be done away with completely. In part, because I believe the Bible is true all the way through, and scripture tells us that the poor will always be with us. I'm not a heartless individual.

There are nagging questions that trouble me, however:

Should the church, we Christians, expect others who are not Christians and, therefore, not a part of the church, to be our brothers keepers?

Should people have their individual choices taken away so that the government can be in the business of taking care of all of our needs or should it be a lesser contribution on the part of the government with more of the responsibility being on the shoulders of the Christian who has taken that cross to bear? (I'm hearing the cries of "humanity," that it is as much a "humanity" issue as a Christian issue, but that doesn't change the question, substitute the word Christian for humanitarian.)

Now, I think it is very unfortunate that Angel ran across a blog written by a person who is a flame throwing, name caller, rather than a compassionate and respectful person willing to listen and hear, willing to respect another's opinion, but I have a little beef of my own. It didn't come from Angel, who I really have come to respect and feel I can allow a good measure of trust, rather it came from a comment in the comment section of her blog entry:

"You ever wonder how someone can be pro-life, but then doesn't want to feed that life after it is born? It really confuses me!"

I do not believe for one minute that it is true that people who are "pro-life" do not want to feed a life after it is born. I will give the commentator the benefit of the doubt that she really believed what she wrote and wasn't intentionally misrepresenting pro-lifers but, it's always best to let the people explain themselves, rather than do it for them. I'm not very liberal, I'm more conservative so, I'd never dream of trying to speak for a liberal, shucks, I don't even try to speak for other conservatives, there are many of them with whom I disagree, too.

Many people who are pro-life are also pro-active in insuring that babies who are born, rather than aborted, are fed, clothed, cared for and loved. I have been blessed by meeting such a Christian-founded group and interacting with them. Not only does Newborns In Need (NIN) provide needed items to newborns but they continue to clothe and assist the child for YEARS and other Christians and non-Christians, alike, including children, are offered an opportunity to serve and help the poor and "the least of these" through their organization. It is a win/win. NIN actually even assists the elderly by giving them service opportunities. They assist home schooled children by allowing them service opportunities and they are a national organization.

Pro-life individuals also act to assist in the individual lives of children. For instance, Senator John and Cindy McCain adopted a child and brought her home with them, doesn't that qualify a pro-lifer as, "wanting to feed a life after it is born?"

So, I just wish everyone, from both sides of political ideology, could be respectful of each other. It is a two-way street.

The ideological question for me is: Could Newborns In Need, for instance, and for the sake of discussion, be receiving higher donation amounts and be able to assist even more babies and children if the government didn't require potential donors, the church, Christians, "humanitarians," to give them money to redistribute for us? I doubt we'll ever know the answer to that question but, I do think there should be respect for the good intentions of some people who believe government distribution is the only way these vital needs will be met. Others don't believe that, others believe the government should stay out of the business of making our charitable choices for us and that viewpoint is deserving of respect, as well. It is possible to be a good, Godly and giving person with well intended motives in either case.

Until we recognize and respect good intentions and understand we all really seek the same goal and the same outcome while disagreeing on the way to achieve those goals, there can be no dialog, no consensus, no middle ground or cooperation. Consider that we hear during every election cycle that this candidate will offer bi-partisan solutions, or that candidate will offer bi-partisan solutions, as though we all recognize that is what it will take to make progress, to find solutions. If we recognize it, then we should try to observe it. I wish we'd walk the walk.

Note, if interested: To locate the Newborns In Need chapter near you, click HERE.

Our local Springfield Chapter's Web site is HERE.

Tell Judy I sent you and send my love! She's one awesome lady!

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Community Free Press - October 8, issue

Okay, while I do not yet have a print copy of the new issue of the Community Free Press, myself, I know it's out there because I can read it online, and so can you.

On the election front, Brian Brown has presented articles on the following candidates:

> Jim Lee vs Steve Helms for Circuit Clerk
> Jim Arnott vs Mike Ramon for Greene County Sheriff
> Janet Adams vs Shane Schoeller for 139th district

The Council Notes column discussed the topics of Hammons deal with the city and Council's comments regarding City Utilities budget and gas rate increases.

There are also short informational pieces regarding Wylie and Rushefsky's Town Hall meeting; Park Central Square's Streetscape project and; the Pension Plan.

Available online only, in supplementals to the print edition, you can follow the money trail of the proceeds the city received from the Hammon's purchase of the former arena site and car park and there is a Council Notes "lunch special," along with other Council Notes related information.

Kelsey Garman explored the question: "Who are Evangelical Christians?" in "American’s View of Evangelical Christians," on page 10. Garman discovered, "About 55 percent of those who describe themselves as evangelicals believe they are misunderstood and unfairly described by the news media."

Managing Editor Mert Seaton, page 11, touted the retail and service related businesses operating out of the Battlefield Mall today in, "Doing it Battlefield Mall."

...And, of the 6 people asked, "Should the government spend $700 billion to bail out struggling financial institutions?" Only one person said, yes.

There's lots, lots more. Pick up your copy today or read it online!

Biden Rally Today

Gates open at Jordan Valley Park at 9:30 this morning in preparation for Democrat Vice President Candidate Joe Biden's rally at 11:30 a.m. The rally is open to the public, at large.

Parking will be available at Mediacom Ice Park but the lot is expected to fill up quickly. Free parking will also be available at the Heer's and College Station Car Parks. For a fee of $5, parking will be available at Jordan Valley Car Park.

Plan to do a little walking (wear comfortable shoes) if you want to attend the rally and don't expect to find any other areas in which to park.

Source: Springfield News-Leader

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'll bet you didn't know....

On this day in 1849, The New York Daily Tribune published Edgar Allan Poe's last poem, "Annabel Lee."

That poem is probably my favorite Edgar Allan Poe poem, read it by clicking on the link.

In fact, I once named a kitten after "Annabel Lee."

It's a very interesting story, too. Poe had died two days before it was published and the story, linked, outlines the rumors and "conspiracy theories" surrounding his death. Yes, conspiracy theories appear to have existed in 1849. :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

National Rifle Association to Endorse McCain for President

Slights one of its own board members

The Greene County Libertarian Party has issued the following press release:

The National Rifle Association will be endorsing Republican candidate John McCain tomorrow, but that organization will not endorse more-qualified Second Amendment-supporting third-party candidates unless they are already in office.

Mike Ferguson, National Field Director for the Bob Barr for President campaign, will be attending the press conference along with Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Teddy Fleck - who is cancelling his NRA membership over this issue - as well as Springfield Councilman Doug Burlison, who voted against a concealed-carry in city parks proposal.

Ferguson said: "The right to keep and bear arms is a civil right, not just a Constitutional right.

"It is tragic that a few in the leadership of the NRA have chosen to sell our their principles - and their members - by endorsing a candidate who has a track record of opposing one of our most cherished and important rights.

Looking at John McCain's record on gun issues shows that he is no conservative or an agent of change. His 30 years in Washington proves that he is the problem.

"The members of the NRA have been let down. Fortunately, they have a viable, credible choice from within their own ranks. Congressman Bob Barr has a lifetime "A+" rating from the NRA (as opposed to McCain's "C+") and he, to this day, serves on the NRA's Board of Directors.

"The members of the NRA - the real heart and soul of the organization - have been let down by their leadership. Fortunately, they can still have a real impact on this election by voting for the only candidate who stands up for all of our Constitutional rights, including the 2nd Amendment, Bob Barr. Holding to our principles is showing John McCain, Barak Obama, both of the other two major parties and the NRA that we will not allow anyone to threaten the right to self-defense in America.

"Bob Barr represents the interests of the rank and file of the National Rifle Association. John McCain does not, regardless of what a few of their leaders say. The only principled vote for anyone who values their Second Amendment rights is a vote for Bob Barr for President.

"Fleck, a Springfield resident, was also concerned about the message this decision sends: "The average American concerned about Second Amendment rights - and incumbents or aspiring candidates who take these rights seriously - are not well-served by this arbitrary exclusion", Fleck said. He also said he will be cancelling his NRA membership, and will no longer support their cause.

Ferguson, Fleck, and Burlison will be at the press conference tomorrow, scheduled for 11:15 AM, at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, 333 S. John Q. Hammons Parkway.


Mike Ferguson - (816)695-1425

Teddy Fleck -

Keith Rodgers - (417)840-8942

~Thursday Meetings~

Watch for updates

There are a couple of meetings I know about tomorrow (Thursday, October 9).

If I know about them, I like to post them. - Jackie


At 11:30 the Greene County Republican Women will meet for lunch at the Price Cutter Diner on East Battlefield, the program will start at 12:00.

Proponents both for and against the non partisan court plan will be sharing their thoughts about the drawbacks/benefits of the issue. State Representative Bryan Stevenson and local attorney Chip Sheppard are the speakers.

State Coordinator of Women for McCain Sharon Barnes will also be attending as a speaker regarding the McCain campaign.


Then, at 7:00 p.m. the Missouri Liberty Coalition will be meeting at Big Momma's Coffee & Espresso Bar on Commercial Street.

They plan to discuss some of the amendments on the State ballot and the upcoming City Council agenda.


Update: I'm supposed to be getting some information about another Thursday meeting from the Libertarian Party, the meeting will take place at 11:30 a.m. In the meantime, I want to share these meeting times from The Libertarian Guy (tm) regarding the Bob Barr campaign supporters' meeting schedule throughout the month of October, all the meetings are at the Library Center, 4653 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO:

October 14th..............Story Hour Room......6:30-8:30 p.m.
October 21st..............Harrison Room..........6:30-8:30 p.m.
October 28th..............Grafton Room............6:30-8:30 p.m.

In other words, every Tuesday throughout the rest of the month.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain/Obama Debate

Just opening a thread to see if anyone wants to share their thoughts about the debate.

Rasmussen today

Rasmussen Reports™ has Obama at 50 percent and McCain at 47 percent in Missouri today. Ralph Nader and Bob Barr share one percent, with two percent undecided.

Rasmussen claims Obama has steadily gained on McCain, in Missouri, since the Lehman Brothers collapse, prior to that he held a 6 percentage point lead over Obama.

The report also noted McCain is viewed favorably by more Missourian voters than Obama, but only by one percentage point.

You can read the whole report by clicking on the link above.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Public Meeting: Topics: earnings tax; judicial selection process

In a comment on the last post:

The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Unrelated, but pertinent:

Americans for Prosperity and the Show-Me Institute, will be hosting a public meeting tonight, Monday, October 6, at 7 PM at Fire Station #1, 720 E. Grand.

Topics will include an introduction to Americans for Prosperity, the earnings tax, and a brief presentation on the judicial selection process being considered for Greene County.

Thought I'd pass it along on the main page as a service to those interested in attending.

Thanks Lib guy!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Michael Goodart interview available; CFP looks at Goodart and Lampe

The Albers Report posted an interview with Michael Goodart on October 2. Goodart is running for State Representative in the 138th district. He is running as a Republican.

Read the interview here.

In the September 24 issue of the "Community Free Press," Brian Brown took a look at Goodart and his Democrat opponent, Sara Lampe in, "Center City District Features Goodart vs. Lampe," page 3.

Candidate Web site links:

Elect Michael Goodart for State Representative District 138

Sara Missouri State Representative 138th District

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Culpability Diversion: The Fannie Mae; Freddie Mac Crises

and drawing parallels to the Springfield Police/Fire Pension Crisis has the low down on the credit crisis, at least from the sub-prime mortgage perspective. Understanding that people who find themselves in messes like to fully understand how they got in the mess they are in, snopes verified that two articles recreated and circulated by email are true.

One of the articles, written by Steven A. Holmes and published in the "New York Times" in 1999, was titled: "Fannie Mae Eases Credit to Aid Mortgage Lending," the other, also a "New York Times" article, written by Stephen Labaton was published in September, 2003, and titled: "New Agency Proposed to Oversee Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ."

Both are eye opening, if you really want to know how we got here today, with $700 billion dollars, by any name, still being a bail-out. I'd recommend the snopes link, it is a very easily understood summary.

Representative Roy Blunt insists it is not a bailout. He said American taxpayers are "investing in their future."

In other news, the City of Springfield is still working, through its new City Manager, to find a feasible solution to our local police and fire fighter pension plan crisis. The sentiment among some of the local press seems to be that citizens should not finger point or try to place blame regarding how the pension plan ended up underfunded by $140 million dollars, or only funded by 50 percent. With blindfolded determination, some believe understanding the past will only start a "potentially paralyzing round of finger pointing," leaving one to believe if residents understand how our pension plan got into such a mess it will only serve to keep us from looking forward to a solution. Perhaps they are waiting for the Associated Press to issue a report for them (or another local paper).

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future." - George Bernard Shaw

"History is a race between education and catastrophe." - H. G. Wells

"History is more or less bunk." - Henry Ford

"History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again." - Kurt Vonnegut

"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again." - Maya Angelou

"Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation." - Robert F. Kennedy

Have a pleasant weekend.

I'll bet you didn't know...

...On this day in 1535 the first complete English Bible was printed....

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin/Biden Debate


Springfield News-Leader Editor Should Run for Missouri Governor

His opinions more authoritative than Governor Blunt's opinions

In, Prosecutors wrong to use intimidation tactic "Springfield News-Leader"

Governor Matt Blunt raised some legitimate issues regarding KMOV's report that St. Louis area law enforcement officials should be careful in their use of language.

"Law enforcement officials are entrusted with extraordinary powers. They must be careful with their language. When they suggest that statements made in opposition to a candidate could be a violation of the law and that they will be prepared to respond then they are intimidating voters and chilling political discussion."

He also chastised the News-Leader for overlooking, "completely the assault on free speech in St. Louis City and St. Louis County."

The News-Leader's only response?

"Editor's note: Despite our questions raised about the propriety of the governor's office making partisan statements,* the office confirmed the above statement was also prepared by the governor's staff for delivery to the News-Leader."

I've got a problem with the News-Leader's Editor when he insinuates that because the authoritative (sic) editorial board has raised questions about the "propriety" of the governor's office "making partisan statements," (a matter of opinion) the governor should not comment on issues which impact residents of Missouri.

Blunt gave his reasons for holding the opinion that this is an issue effecting the State of Missouri in the first paragraph of his statement, linked above:

"The security of constitutional rights and the integrity of law enforcement are essential parts of my oath to uphold the laws and constitution. I recently issued a statement condemning outrageous tactics by St. Louis area law enforcement precisely because the issues are civic and public and not political in nature."*

Dang, if I'm not CONSTANTLY forgetting that the opinions of the News-Leader's editorial board and editorial page editors are much more authoritative and directive than the Governor of the State of Missouri and that when the News-Leader questions an action of the Governor, the Governor needs to sit down and shut up.

What is wrong with me!?

*emphasis mine