Thursday, March 31, 2011


Chamomile tea

At some point

the value stirs its way
toward attention


Harrison, Arkansas

old-timers on green park benches
set upon even greener grass
Small hills of cedar shavings
at their feet
          whittling away more than time

roads split well in two
causes and clauses and bears, oh my

Pause to look at


stories among the wood
stories among the shavings

Could you hear?
          Could you stop to hear?


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Single JackeHammer City Council Endorsement

Endorsing a political candidate, especially a Springfield City Council candidate, is an action you will rarely see coming from this particular contributor of JackeHammer, however, unapologetically, I offer my endorsement of Fred B. Ellison for Springfield City Council. 

Fred Ellison, who is running for a general City Council seat (which means every Springfield citizen has an opportunity to cast a vote for him, regardless of the zone in which the citizen lives) is the real deal. He genuinely cares about representing the citizens of Springfield through a true understanding of the facts and details surrounding each item on each agenda of the City of Springfield.  Ellison understands the process, and as a personal friend of Fred's (as disclosure) and as a previous free lance writer who covered the Springfield City Council for almost two years, I can tell you he DOES understand the issues. If you are a Springfield voter who wants a compassionate, listening representative sitting on your City Council, one who can explain the Council process and would take the time to discuss important issues with you, you could do no better than Fred Ellison.

Since I have moved out of the city limits of Springfield I cannot vote for Fred.  I need you!

I would really appreciate your vote for Fred Ellison on April 5.  


Thursday, March 24, 2011


I was in dire need of some grace this morning.  I found this quote which I liked:

"The Christian graces are like perfumes, the more they are pressed, the sweeter they smell; like stars that shine brightest in the dark; like trees which, the more they are shaken, the deeper root they take, and the more fruit they bear." -- Beaumont.

I trust God will give me the grace I seek to make it through this day. I know He'll provide anecdotes for me to tell in my Sunday School class this week, that's for sure.  Praise Him that He cares, praise Him that He wants to teach me. -- Now, I'm off to work.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Winnowing Spirit

You are lost because
it is quiet

There is no sound
only still air

There is no rustling of leaves
no ripple of the water

The tree has not fallen, and
has borne no witness

You are lost because
it is pitch

black overtakes the light
white noise bears no beacon

There is no siren, no alarm, no psalm
to shepherd the maze

Lost life
No spirit left to salt and season

No spirit left
to shelter from impending chaos