Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea Party versus "Union Thugs" at Indiana Statehouse

An After-Action Report

Tish Cooper has a great guest post over at "Ancient Warrior" today.

It is a first hand, eyewitness, activist account of a tea party member standing ground with about 50-70 other tea party members at her statehouse in Indiana (with introduction by Greg at "Warrior"). 

As they stood against what Cooper pegged "Democrat Fleehadists," it wasn't a day without drama: read how two brave tea party members stood firm as a truck was presumed to be the same one which had twice earlier doused tea party members by running through a mud puddle.

It is your first recommended reading of 2011.

Here is the link to the Associated Press article, published in the "Springfield News-Leader," regarding the tea party versus union protests at the Missouri Statehouse in Jefferson City


Monday, February 14, 2011

Vincent David Jericho's Radio Show

I still get a lot of "hits" at JackeHammer from people who are looking for Vincent David Jericho.  I didn't know until recently that the link I had previously provided was no longer current.  So, if you're looking for Vince and can't find him there is a new listing under "Links" in the side bar of this blog, just look for Crossing the World.

His new Web site address is:, and he does a show from 7-11pm every week night.  I watched the last thirty minutes or so of his show tonight.  It was nice to see his shiny face and hear the voice of my old friend again.  :)

Galen Chadwick of the Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance is on Vince's show every Wednesday night for those of you who'd like to check that out as well.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

Guinea Feathers

You brought me a guinea feather from the barn.

I said, "...a guinea feather...."

You know, and you knew, grandma and I used to guinea egg hunt
on the Phillips' farm in Bergman.

Funny, I was busy googling for my cousin Mark
when you brought that
speckled and fading feather.

I found him on the front porch with his dachsund.

I found him at a familly reunion with grandma and grandpa,
Annabeth in the background,
full 2-D

Mark and I used to walk barefoot to Crooked Creek
(back when kids could be loosed for the day with no fear)
back in those Arkansas summer days.

Later, I would sit on the banks of Crooked Creek alone
my notebook and pen in hand, a Saul Bellow book for my companion,
the rocks a cold barren gray, the shade under
the bower, deep.

Once Debbie was there with me
once Gabriel
once a whole creative writing class, and Dee Dee,
Dee Dee was the algae queen that day.

Those days were green and golden, and I was sad, and
didn't even know I had nothing to be sad about.

Memories seem like guinea feathers,
all speckled and fading.