Monday, February 16, 2009

Election Results as Certified by the City Council on February 9, 2009

According to City Clerk Brenda Cirtin, the agenda for the February 9, City Council meeting may not ever be published at the City Web site (the City has been fighting a computer virus).

Since Council Bill 2009-032, certifying the February 3, election is still not available in a bill search at the City's Web site, I thought I would go ahead and post those certified results as a community service. I did not verify whether any of the other bills which were passed at the February 9, meeting have been made available through a bill search at the site.

Following are the the election results as certified by the City Council at the February 9, City Council meeting:

For the office of Mayor:

Jim O'Neal 10,967
Sandra Queen Noble 1,507
Christopher M. Donegan 3,689
Tamara Finocchiaro 1,725

For General Council Seat A

Robert L. "Bob" Stephens 7,814
Lyle Q. Foster 3,819
Tom Martz 4,165

For General Council Seat B

John Rush 8,178
Jason P. Lillard 2,730
Fred B. Ellison 4,811

For Council Zone 1

Nicholas Ibarra 1,413
Denny Whayne 1,191
Cameron Eaton 602

Question 1:

"Shall the City of Springfield impose a sales tax at a rate of one percent solely for the purpose of providing revenues for the Springfield Police and Firefighters Pension System with said tax to sunset upon the earlier of A) Five (5) years from the date of the commencement of collection of this tax or B) the Pension System fund reaching a fully-funded (100%) status as determined by an independent actuarial study conducted for the Pension System Board of Trustees?"

Yes 9,160
No 10,041


The two candidates who received the majority of votes were certified as eligible for the General Municipal Election in April 2009.

Those candidates were: For Mayor, John O'Neal and Christopher M. Donegan; for General Council Seat A, "Bob" Stephens and Tom Martz; for General Council Seat B, John Rush and Fred B. Ellison; for Council Zone 1, Nicholas Ibarra and Denny Whayne.

It was also declared that Question 1 failed to pass.


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