Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Report: Resolutions and Emergency Bills Passed Monday Night and Council Luncheon Notes

Resolutions passed by the City Council February 9, 2009

2009-031: Approved the plans and specifications for fabrication of the Springfield Wayfinding signs.

At the City Council luncheon today, February 10, City Manager Greg Burris passed out a document, provided by Director of Public Works Marc Thornsberry, to the City Council for the purpose of clarifying the objectives of the Wayfinding Signs. Following is the content of that document:


> Increase the number of people who visit/use the City of Springfield

> Identify the City of Springfield as a destination from area highways

> By defining its boundaries, announce to visitors their arrival to the City

> Reflect the City's structure and vision

> Make visitors' experiences more memorable

> Further enhance Springfield's public image through distinctive, helpful graphics; to make the area more "user-friendly: and desirable to visit

> Remove visitors; anxieties

> Provide visitors a safer environment

> Improve vehicular, and pedestrian safety by better informing visitors

> Guide visitors into, through and out of Springfield along the most convenient and desired routes promoting safer traffic patterns

> Provide the information people need to comfortably access area businesses, attractions, parks, historic buildings and meeting venues

> From area highways and throuroughfares, identify the primary Springfield destinations as Bass Pro Shops, Battlefield Mall, Jordan Valley Park, and Downtown

> Reduce the number and length auto trips, and the associated pollution, by providing better and timelier information and increasing pedestrian walking ease

> Reduce visitor frustration in Springfield by reducing unnecessary circulation resulting from misdirected travel to destinations and parking

> Make the defined destinations more identifiable by their consistent presentation in the wayfinding system's graphic messageing

> Direct visitors to the most convenient parking

> Where applicable, properly orient visitors as they leave the parking garage or surface lots becoming pedestrians

> Improve the connection between transit users and destinations in the defined areas

> ADA legibility guidelines in the design of the program

Source: City of Springfield

The resolution passed Monday night, however, three members of the City Council voted against the passage of the resolution. Those members were, Councilman Doug Burlison, Councilman Ralph Manley and Councilman Dan Chiles. Mayor Tom Carlson was not present at the meeting.

Manley didn't feel it was a good time to spend money on the approved Capital Improvement Project.

Chiles didn't know what the Wayfinding signs were, "What is the wayfinding?" He asked.

Mr. Chiles was also interested in whether funds were included for maintaining the signage. The answer to his question came from Thornsberry, the signs, 126 in all, will have a warranty of 5 years.

At the luncheon meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Deaver pointed out the Council receives a package with the background on all the bills no later than the Thursday preceeding the Council meeting. He reminded the Council that they could call on the Monday when the meeting was scheduled to ask questions regarding any of the bills brought before the Council, and staff affirmed they would be more than happy to answer any questions any of the Council members might have about any item on the agenda.

Councilman Burlison wondered if GPS systems would make the Wayfinding signs obsolete. He also asked about liability if some business owners complained that their businesses were not one of the businesses chosen to be promoted by the signs.

"It's not, 'Go visit Bass Pro,' it's ' if you're going to Bass Pro, this is how you get there,'" City attorney Dan Wichmer responded.

Later, in the ensuing discussion, Councilman Wylie said, "The Wayfinding tells you where we want you to go."

Councilwoman Collette said while visitors may be coming to Springfield for one reason, "When they see the signs, they say, 'why not go there?'"

It should be noted: the Wayfinding program is also identified as a "Cross Marketing System."

After apologizing for not being as prepared to address the Council as usual because, the background of the bill was unavailable due to the City's fight with a computer virus, Fred Ellison, a General Seat B Council candidate, raised a concern about new projects being started at a time when the public appeared to be indicating a desire that priorities of the City's spending be reevaluated, "I hate to see us start project after project. This is Phase 1 of this project, no one has said what the other phases' costs will be," Ellison pointed out. He was also concerned about the company being awarded the bid, "Valley City Sign is out of Michigan," he said. He wondered about such a large contract being awarded to an outside company.

According to the background provided to the bill, though Zumar Industries, Inc.'s (Zumar) bid was $75,817.45 below the Valley City Sign bid, Zumar could only provide a 2 year warranty and did not comply fully with the sign's fabrication requirements. Valley City Signs met all fabrication requirements, provided a 5 year warranty and was almost $100,000 below the City Engineer's estimated cost.*

City Manager Burris reminded the Council the Wayfinding signs were something the City said would be done with the 1/4 cent Capital Improvement's tax, "This is a part of doing what we say," Burris said at today's luncheon.

There was no further comment added today, as to the future cost of installation of the signs or any future phases of the project.

2009-032: Certified the results of the Tuesday, February 3 election.

City Manager Burris apologized for remarks he had made to the media regarding bringing the pension sales tax issue back to a ballot in June. He said he will not be recommending the tax initiative be brought back to a ballot so quickly as it would not allow enough time to consider public input prior to bringing a new initiative to Council for approval for a future public vote, "We're not sitting back singing woe, what we're doing is planning action," Burris said.

The resolution was unanimously approved by the City Council. Mayor Carlson was absent.


Emergency Bills

2009-033: Authorized the Department of Aviation to apply for and accept a grant of money for the purpose of purchasing an emergency vehicle for use at the airport.

The bill was passed unanimously by the City Council. Mayor Carlson was not present at the meeting.


*Contractors and their bids for the fabrication of Wayfinding Signs:

> Zumar Industries, Inc. $259,671.00

> Valley City Sign $334,488.45

> Harmon Sign, Inc. $358,820.00

> Architectural Graphics, Inc. $465,287.00

> Poblocki Sign Company, LLC $559,569.80

> Interstate Highway Sign Inc. $563,290.00

> Nordquist Sign Company, Inc. $732,245.00

> Engineer's Estimate: $431,100.00

Source: City of Springfield



tom said...

So how long until advertising becomes the norm on those GPS gizmos. I can see it now your on a trip from Tulsa to St Lou and as you enter Springfield there will be a voice that states "you have entered Springfield, MO 3rd largest city in the state and corporate headquarters to Bass Pro Shops, the largest retailer of outdoor gear for fishing, hunting etc....... exit # 77 Kansas Expressway south, turn right at Sunshine St. turn right on Campbell, you have reached your destination please enjoy your shopping. This message has been brought to you by the city of Springfield, Bass Pro Shops, and the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce"

tom said...

actually it would be a left on Sunshine