Thursday, February 05, 2009

Okay Rogue, here are the answers to your month old meme


I'm ashamed to say Angel tagged me almost a month ago and I am just now getting around to honoring it. Sorry, Angel.

The meme The Rogue tagged me with is an assignment to name seven weird or random facts about myself. That ought to be easy enough, I'm pretty weird and random means it can be any dang thing.

So, here ya go:

1. There isn't a single food I can think of that I don't like. There are a couple of veggies I won't eat raw because they make me sick but, I like everything. Well, anything but bad cookin'. ;)

2. I am shy. I work to overcome it constantly but, it is a challenge.

3. My first "love" ditched me when I got my first pair of glasses. I was 9 years old. ("Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses")

4. I love to bake. I wish I had more time to do it. I enjoy making little gift packages for my AWANA club members and leaders for special occasions and when I can afford it, it brings me great joy to give candies and cookies to my friends and neighbors. I think it would be fun to take orders for my baked goods and sell them. I also enjoy making the packaging for them. Often I stencil or stamp the decorations and make my own bows from raffia or other materials. I also like to make my own tags to accompany the packages or bags.

5. I love to craft. I am currently working on a hand pieced coverlet.

6. I used to garden and grow and dry my own flowers and herbs. I made a group of angel dolls (for lack of a better word) called "Harbinger Angels," they were made almost entirely of dried flower petals, herbs and other natural ingredients, old fashioned clothes pins were "dressed" to create them. After put together, they were decorated lightly with glitter, seed beeds and gem stones, then sealed with an aerosol lacquer. I strung some for Christmas ornaments and encased others to protect them (they are quite fragile over time). I have given almost all of them away now. I would like to make more of them some day. I really liked them and they were great fun to make. I sold some of them at Aqua Terra Gardens before they closed.

7. When I lived in Arkansas, I also grew my own herbs and flowers. I made an herbal headache pillow, an oatmeal bath tea, chamomile massage oil, five different kinds of bath salts, including a medicinal bath salt, and even tried my hand at soap making, something I would like to try again some day, having never perfected it.

I had a booth in Branson at the Appletree Mall where I sold my goods and a motel in Eureka Springs, AR purchased and sold my bath salts to their guests to be used in their jacuzzi baths. The motel liked them because they had to be very cautious about what they allowed to be used in their jacuzzis. The bath salts I made were highly scented, highly colorful and very soluable. I also sold my bath salts at wholesale to "Made in the Ozarks," a company in Green Forest, AR. They, in turn, sold boxes of 50 individually packaged salts to retail shops.

Extra - My husband just asked me if I told you I was stupid, Angel. I told him I felt that was an obvious fact and unneccessary to report. ;)

Thanks for giving me something fun to think about for a while!

I think Sunny Gun ought to participate in this meme. I'd also like to tag Busplunge, Fat Jack about Jason.......... :)



Anonymous said...

I can relate to some of this...

7. When I arrived in Arkansas years ago, they thought I was very strange because I did not own a fishing pole...

Fishing poles per capita in Arkansas is about 7.


Angela Belt-Newcom said...

I loved reading it too! Thanks for participating. :)