Saturday, October 25, 2008

When I'm feeling punchy

...anything and everything can strike me as funny

So, excuse me but I got a kick out of this.

Public Information Director Louise Whall published a summary of City Manager Greg Burris' proposal for fixing the police/firefighters' pension plan at CityConnect.

I skimmed over it as I scrolled to the end of the entry, having been present at the news conference, I didn't feel the need to read it closely. That's when I read, at the end of the entry:

Watch the entire presentation now.

I laughed, sounded a bit like a command to me, at the moment. Like I said, I'm feeling tired and punchy, I think it's the weather.

Watch the entire presentation and watch it NOW!

No thank you, Louise, but it was very nice of you to offer. :)



Anonymous said...


"Watch the entire presentation now"

Do you know when the high def DVD will come out ?


Jackie Melton said...

Dear anon 4:23, no, I do not. My suggestion would be that you contact the Public Information Director to ask her your (I think) very important question. This one is way beyond my capacity for understanding...why, it has abbreviations and stuff in it.

You do realize I'm a blonde don't you? Uh oh. I just happened to think, the Public Information Director is also a blonde.

On second thought, maybe Mike Brothers can help you, he has dark hair and everything.