Wednesday, October 08, 2008

National Rifle Association to Endorse McCain for President

Slights one of its own board members

The Greene County Libertarian Party has issued the following press release:

The National Rifle Association will be endorsing Republican candidate John McCain tomorrow, but that organization will not endorse more-qualified Second Amendment-supporting third-party candidates unless they are already in office.

Mike Ferguson, National Field Director for the Bob Barr for President campaign, will be attending the press conference along with Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Teddy Fleck - who is cancelling his NRA membership over this issue - as well as Springfield Councilman Doug Burlison, who voted against a concealed-carry in city parks proposal.

Ferguson said: "The right to keep and bear arms is a civil right, not just a Constitutional right.

"It is tragic that a few in the leadership of the NRA have chosen to sell our their principles - and their members - by endorsing a candidate who has a track record of opposing one of our most cherished and important rights.

Looking at John McCain's record on gun issues shows that he is no conservative or an agent of change. His 30 years in Washington proves that he is the problem.

"The members of the NRA have been let down. Fortunately, they have a viable, credible choice from within their own ranks. Congressman Bob Barr has a lifetime "A+" rating from the NRA (as opposed to McCain's "C+") and he, to this day, serves on the NRA's Board of Directors.

"The members of the NRA - the real heart and soul of the organization - have been let down by their leadership. Fortunately, they can still have a real impact on this election by voting for the only candidate who stands up for all of our Constitutional rights, including the 2nd Amendment, Bob Barr. Holding to our principles is showing John McCain, Barak Obama, both of the other two major parties and the NRA that we will not allow anyone to threaten the right to self-defense in America.

"Bob Barr represents the interests of the rank and file of the National Rifle Association. John McCain does not, regardless of what a few of their leaders say. The only principled vote for anyone who values their Second Amendment rights is a vote for Bob Barr for President.

"Fleck, a Springfield resident, was also concerned about the message this decision sends: "The average American concerned about Second Amendment rights - and incumbents or aspiring candidates who take these rights seriously - are not well-served by this arbitrary exclusion", Fleck said. He also said he will be cancelling his NRA membership, and will no longer support their cause.

Ferguson, Fleck, and Burlison will be at the press conference tomorrow, scheduled for 11:15 AM, at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, 333 S. John Q. Hammons Parkway.


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