Sunday, October 05, 2008

Michael Goodart interview available; CFP looks at Goodart and Lampe

The Albers Report posted an interview with Michael Goodart on October 2. Goodart is running for State Representative in the 138th district. He is running as a Republican.

Read the interview here.

In the September 24 issue of the "Community Free Press," Brian Brown took a look at Goodart and his Democrat opponent, Sara Lampe in, "Center City District Features Goodart vs. Lampe," page 3.

Candidate Web site links:

Elect Michael Goodart for State Representative District 138

Sara Missouri State Representative 138th District


Anonymous said...

If JakeHammer was going to run for her favorite office what would that be and when could she start?

The Libertarian Guy said...

Unrelated, but pertinent:

Americans for Prosperity and the Show-Me Institute, will be
hosting a public meeting tonight, Monday, October 6, at 7 PM at Fire Station
#1, 720 E. Grand.

Topics will include an introduction to Americans for Prosperity, the
earnings tax, and a brief presentation on the judicial selection
process being considered for Greene County.

tom said...

Goodart is going to have a TOUGH time unseating Lampe. Her voting record isn't perfect but it does resemble the area from which she represents. I don't know if he had a big stack of cash if he could unseat her.

I'm glad I don't live in that district as this race is pretty much over even before it starts. Michael is a likable guy but I don't think he is ready to be a state representative until he does something within the community except run for a state representative seat.