Thursday, October 02, 2008

Springfield News-Leader Editor Should Run for Missouri Governor

His opinions more authoritative than Governor Blunt's opinions

In, Prosecutors wrong to use intimidation tactic "Springfield News-Leader"

Governor Matt Blunt raised some legitimate issues regarding KMOV's report that St. Louis area law enforcement officials should be careful in their use of language.

"Law enforcement officials are entrusted with extraordinary powers. They must be careful with their language. When they suggest that statements made in opposition to a candidate could be a violation of the law and that they will be prepared to respond then they are intimidating voters and chilling political discussion."

He also chastised the News-Leader for overlooking, "completely the assault on free speech in St. Louis City and St. Louis County."

The News-Leader's only response?

"Editor's note: Despite our questions raised about the propriety of the governor's office making partisan statements,* the office confirmed the above statement was also prepared by the governor's staff for delivery to the News-Leader."

I've got a problem with the News-Leader's Editor when he insinuates that because the authoritative (sic) editorial board has raised questions about the "propriety" of the governor's office "making partisan statements," (a matter of opinion) the governor should not comment on issues which impact residents of Missouri.

Blunt gave his reasons for holding the opinion that this is an issue effecting the State of Missouri in the first paragraph of his statement, linked above:

"The security of constitutional rights and the integrity of law enforcement are essential parts of my oath to uphold the laws and constitution. I recently issued a statement condemning outrageous tactics by St. Louis area law enforcement precisely because the issues are civic and public and not political in nature."*

Dang, if I'm not CONSTANTLY forgetting that the opinions of the News-Leader's editorial board and editorial page editors are much more authoritative and directive than the Governor of the State of Missouri and that when the News-Leader questions an action of the Governor, the Governor needs to sit down and shut up.

What is wrong with me!?

*emphasis mine


tom said...

You should know by now that there is NO higher authority in the state of Missouri then the News Leaders Editorial Board or those that write on those pages or come up with the articles or publication. Perhaps they should change the "S" to mean SUPREME instead of Springfield.

In regards to the News Leader being partisan, unlike our Governor, at least he holds a political affiliation on his sleeve and you can understand his reasoning to hold such opinion. Now the S~n~L is a complete different story as they are to report the news NOT manufacture it.

Jackie Melton said...

It's kind of a shame the whole editorial board can't run for Governor as one entity, isn't it?

That would be a *sniff* democratic system, now, wouldn't it?