Friday, October 17, 2008

Newborns in Need Always Needs your Help!

I received a newsletter from Newborns in Need (NIN) today.

For those interested, and those who might know someone else who is interested in volunteering to assist the local chapter of NIN, here is a notice straight from the newsletter:


"Each Saturday from 9-2, the Springfield Chapter has workday and we would like to invite you to come and participate.

Often there are layettes to pack, laundry to be done, clothing to be sorted and put away, deliveries to be assembled and delivered.

Sometimes student groups or church groups come to help, but there is always a variety of things to do.

Even though workday is from 9-2, feel free to come and go as you please or as your time allows. There are drinks in the refrigeration and you can bring your lunch.

Come and join us to serve God's tiniest children. Your help is needed."

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