Friday, October 10, 2008

New Community Free Press - October 8, issue

Okay, while I do not yet have a print copy of the new issue of the Community Free Press, myself, I know it's out there because I can read it online, and so can you.

On the election front, Brian Brown has presented articles on the following candidates:

> Jim Lee vs Steve Helms for Circuit Clerk
> Jim Arnott vs Mike Ramon for Greene County Sheriff
> Janet Adams vs Shane Schoeller for 139th district

The Council Notes column discussed the topics of Hammons deal with the city and Council's comments regarding City Utilities budget and gas rate increases.

There are also short informational pieces regarding Wylie and Rushefsky's Town Hall meeting; Park Central Square's Streetscape project and; the Pension Plan.

Available online only, in supplementals to the print edition, you can follow the money trail of the proceeds the city received from the Hammon's purchase of the former arena site and car park and there is a Council Notes "lunch special," along with other Council Notes related information.

Kelsey Garman explored the question: "Who are Evangelical Christians?" in "American’s View of Evangelical Christians," on page 10. Garman discovered, "About 55 percent of those who describe themselves as evangelicals believe they are misunderstood and unfairly described by the news media."

Managing Editor Mert Seaton, page 11, touted the retail and service related businesses operating out of the Battlefield Mall today in, "Doing it Battlefield Mall."

...And, of the 6 people asked, "Should the government spend $700 billion to bail out struggling financial institutions?" Only one person said, yes.

There's lots, lots more. Pick up your copy today or read it online!

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Great job with this Council information JH....

We all dream of brainstorming with Denney Whayne.