Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Community Free Press Voter Guide Available

The new issue of the "Community Free Press" came online last night and I have it on good authority that copies will be at all the news stands by the end of the day.

This issue is a voter guide issue, meaning that some people, ahem, had to fight to get what they got into the paper this go around. ;)

I can only heap praise on the political director of the paper, Brian Brown. What an excellent job of getting information out to the people about candidates and issues!

Brown wrote (page 8):

"This voter’s guide is designed to be a resource for voters. We’ve compiled basic information about all the candidates here, and we have responses to our candidate questionnaire on our Web site, The responses are unedited, and we believe, give voters a central location to learn about the local and state politicians who responded.

In the six issues since the August 5 primary, we’ve covered nearly all of the contested races in Greene County. Those stories not covered in this issue can be found in our “issues archives” under the “More…” heading on our site."

Regarding City Council coverage, CFP looked at the 1/8-cent Transportation Sales Tax, who and how priorities were set for its usage within the Capital Improvement Program; provided a city finance update and; internal auditor update, pages 1 and 4 respectively.

On page 6:

"The Community Free Press contacted the heads of the Greene County Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian parties and offered them a chance to say why you should vote for their party."

Kara Hartfield took a look at how Halloween tradition has transformed over the years, find that article on page 1.

The letters' section was very interesting in this issue, relegated almost entirely to endorsement letters and letters from candidates, I found it interesting reading.

Bob Mace is "Opinion-8ed," as usual, and you can read about the Pizza House's relocation to Commercial Street on page 20:

"After a highly publicized controversy over being evicted, a Springfield institution will triumphantly return on Halloween.

Pizza House will re-open at its new location, 312 E. Commercial St., on October 31. Owner/manager Stacey Schneider said she is happy her business will become part of the Commercial Street community...."

I can't wait to pick up the print edition and curl up in a comfy chair.


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