Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain/Obama Debate

Just opening a thread to see if anyone wants to share their thoughts about the debate.


Jackie Melton said...

No one else had a comment so I'll share a comment of my own, adapted from an email exchange I was having with my brother:

Obama? I found him very boring and monotone. I found my mind drifting when he was speaking for any length of time. This is supposed to be a great speaker? I've heard people make more impressive comments in my living room than I heard from either candidate last night, town hall style forum or not.

I think we may have better people running for our local Council positions in Springfield, Missouri than what we have in Obama.

Once, when Brokaw mentioned the time constraints, I found myself thinking that what Barack Obama really wanted to say is, "Tom, you are speaking to the future President of the United States of America. Who are you to interfere with my great and lofty wisdom sharing?"

McCain likes to reference that most people don't know about this or about that, insinuating that either don't or we shouldn't worry our silly little heads about the complicated details of running a country or of major issues like foreign affairs. Leave that to him and the Obamas of the world.

My opinion: No real winner. Just a couple of bloviators.

Anonymous said...

Obama is getting a free pass by the media in a very big way.

Bush was trashed for his National Guard service.

Obama hangs out & around with convicted felons and no one quite knows where all his money is coming from.

It will all come out later. They say he cannot even get a high security clearance now because of his "friends & associates."