Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just for Sunny Gun

On the eve of Sunday

The Sunday Puzzle:

"The best puzzles contain individual clues that make you grin at their deviousness or a theme that confounds at first and is delightfully satisfying when it finally pulls into focus."

Have you ever wondered how crosswords are built behind the scenes?

Meet Bumfry artist Garson Hampfield.

Garson Hampfield, Crossword Inker is a short film created by animator Michael A. Charles


Дж. Хьюз said...

Isn't it the truth? The kind of clue that makes you smack yourself up against your own bad head and ask yourself "What kind of mongoloid am I, anyway?" Right now my boys Yongy and Nubi are snoozing away on the couch, but if I dared get out of my chair and lunge for the crossword puzzle I know they would both jump up in the air and yap at the top of their lungs until I took them and Big Sister out for a walk. But it's always nice to think about a really good Sunday crossword even if I'm not allowed to do them any more - for which I thank you!

Busplunge said...

"So instead I'll mention a favorite answer from a recent puzzle. Four letters. Clue is: "Master of the double take." It starts with N.

I had to determine the first three letters before the final letter came to me but it still gave me a big smile. Here it is with the first three filled in: NOA_"

I was reading this blog on a break from mowing the lawn. The clue was running through my mind. Then, as I was mowing around the shrubbery in the side yard, the answer came to me in a flash.

Brilliant clue! And I had just weaned myself from the Jumble. :(