Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Hillary Left out at the Convention Last Night:


She was a proud mother, first and foremost, and a proud American, a proud Democrat and was, she said, a proud number of other identities.

Did anyone else notice, though they cut away numerous times to a beamingly, proud husband, Hillary did not identify herself as a proud wife?

I thought it a glaring omission, myself.


Anonymous said...

I TRIED to tell myself... "You SHOULD watch this"... But alas, I lost the argument and watched the Cardinals instead ;)


Jackie Melton said...

I know, I know, Scott(e). Nothing trumps the Cardinals.

(Psst. Scott(e) is my brother.)


Anonymous said...

RE Proud wife...

With the R-name she uses most of the time, I don't think she considers herself married.

Jack said...

Anonymous 8:22:

Damn those subversive women who don't see themselves as their husband's property, choosing instead to hyphenate their name.

They can never be good wives or mothers because they think for themselves. Heaven forbid.

Why did we ever get them the vote?

tom said...

put yourself in her shoes, would you be a PROUD wife ???

Thankfully I have missed every night just as I will the republican convention as well.