Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Community Free Press is Available!

Yep, the new issue (August 27-September 7) of Community Free Press is available for reading at the Web site or pick up at a location near you. For a list of vendors you can also visit the Web site.

Featured articles include "Ozarks Death Row Inmates," in which, CFP contributor Jennifer Hollis reported on how increasing euthanasia numbers are bringing animal issues to the forefront, and Brian Brown reported on the history of the Battle of Springfield, which, Brown noted, took place in January 1863, in and around the downtown Springfield area. Brown's front page article is titled, "Markers Tell of Forgotten Local Battle."

The Council Notes column includes previously unreported information concerning Assistant City Manager Collin Quigley's research on metal detectors, prepared at the request of Mayor Carlson and a quote from Councilman Doug Burlison regarding why he voted in opposition to the recent Council approved administrative delay on the controversial container ordinance the city and local container suppliers and users have been considering for some time.

Bob Mace touched close to my home in his regular column, "The Edge," when he wrote about an experience he had when he dropped the baton in a relay race years ago. My husband had a similar experience and had discussed it with me after watching both the men and women USA Olympic teams drop their batons in the Olympics.

Mace assumed bragging rights of his physical prowess, as he wrote about a friend of his who has told the story of him dropping the baton to, what seemed like, in the reading, anyone and everyone who would listen for years. "A Dish Served Cold," was a fun read, but then Mace's columns are always fun reading, even when discussing controversial or serious issues.

In "Letters to the Editor," Tim Kitta of Springfield asked questions of the new city manager and, in the "Local Voices" segment, Brown asked 6 different, unrelated people the question: " Would you be in favor of City Council approving a City Utilities natural gas rate increase of 7 percent spread over two years?"

Read their answers along with Mert Seaton's regular sports column, in which he covered the Olympics with a bit of opinion. "Celebration is all part of the sport. It is the right athletes and fans have," Seaton reminded party poopers who, apparently, don't like athlete *braggarts.*

There's much, much more here.

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