Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Rasmussen Report indicates voters see a clear difference between Democrats and Republicans on off-shore drilling question

According to a Rasmussen Report (telephone survey) 61 percent of Americans believe Congress should reconvene immediately and vote to lift the ban on off shore drilling; 67 percent of Americans identify the Republican party leadership as supporting the lifting of that ban; and 77 percent say the issue will assist them in their decision as to who they'll vote for in Congress in the upcoming election.

48 percent of Democrats think that even though they perceive it is their own party leadership fighting against lifting the ban, they should reconvene immediately and do so.

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Anonymous said...

The oil companies should be allowed to drill where they think the oil is.

However, providing them with more territory should not just be an instant big boom to their shareholders who are probabaly members of Congress and their friends....

We all need to have one electric car and another for longer trips.
That would more than solve the problem.