Sunday, August 24, 2008

No perfect Scotts

but there ARE perfect brothers

My brother's name is Scott but he's brilliant.

This other Scott wrote his letter and submitted it before city attorney Wichmer had explained:

"Currently, the ability of public bodies to offer incentive pay is largely restricted under state law. Therefore, the city currently does not have a salary structure that can accommodate individual performance pay. Public bodies across Missouri are examining ways to implement performance pay for public workers within the limits set forth in the Missouri Constitution." - city attorney Wichmer (see previous post for link)

Myself, I wonder how smart it is to get huffy over one person getting their facts a bit off base while getting their own facts a bit off base. :0

Danged if there ain't no perfect people in the Ozarks, whether they be Council members, journalists,* or Scotts.

I like my Scott. I think I'll keep him.


*Mert Seaton excluded, of course. I have decided he is well worth a peanut.

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