Sunday, February 14, 2010

"JackeHammer" Observes 5th Anniversary

This month and year mark "JackeHammer's" fifth anniversary!

Since my first dream was to be a poet, and live a hermit's life in a little white house with a white picket fence and a few chickens in the back yard, I have decided to commemorate the anniversary of "JackeHammer" by providing selections and links to the 13 original poems I have published here over the last 5 years.


Saturday, July 16, 2005


It is a man who turns
his breast to me, not pure.

It is a song, a whispering
until I open its envelope
the smooth milk
which left his
I resealed it, careful
so the
could not drip out

I took a sandwich of honey
and butter
to Daye's Park
I lie there, each blade of grass
tickling my skin

In my mind I
whisper that song,
the song in the envelope
which sits like milk
not pure

Posted by Jackie Melton at 11:55 AM

JackeHammer: Touching the Dirt Softly

JackeHammer: Sun in Rain


JackeHammer: Sweet and Bitter

JackeHammer: Carissa, at the Church Carnival


JackeHammer: Poem inspired by a blogger

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rhythm of Tender

I didn't know how tender
the word
like a silent bubble shining in sun
blown from the hand of a child

I didn't know how tender
the touch
like a sable brush laden with lacquer
stroking heirloom wood

I didn't know how tender
the finger
tapping like a dancer in black shoes
keeping rhythm with word, with touch

rhythm of thought
rhythm of God

Posted by Jackie Melton at 7:35 PM

JackeHammer: Miles from home

JackeHammer: Bitter cold


Monday, November 17, 2008

Learning Death

I see you walking in your kitchen
favoring your hip, each step like a great rocking
row boat

Will it be tomorrow?
The bulldozer will come to level the house
where your nine children ran to play?

Long gone the kitchen table we sat at talking gardens
and life choices

sorting baby clothes found at garage sales
while frozen clothes hung clean in the icy outside cold where
the birds sat in the summer, in the summer

Chickens, stumps and horses
axes, barbed wire and pretty dresses made from feed sacks
hams and pies and poker
and laughter
loud, rude, roaring laughter

Death of dogs, death of grandpas, grandmas, mothers

learning death from the outside
looking through its windows

we still see you, see all of you

in life


Update: An animation

Posted by Jackie Melton at 2:20 AM

JackeHammer: Blindly Watching

JackeHammer: I was fifteen

JackeHammer: Remember Spike




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Anonymous said...

Any location for a 5 year cake event yet ???

Joe said...

Happy Fifth Anniversary, Jackie... long may you blog! Hope all is well with you and your family (and that you and your husband are both well). Moopy and I are doing great!


Jackie Melton said...

Hi Joe!

Glad to hear you and Moopy are doing great.

Larry and I are still pulling a train....

Romans 8:28

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