Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Miles from home

You do not know

I cannot tell you

each night lengthening

each night stark

filled with your face

on a pillow

where I do not want you to be.

You cannot know

I cannot tell you

heart hurting, no longer able

to hide behind picture frames

lining a wall

behind what I must do

what I do not want to do.

I cannot tell you

the days I want back

days we had now belong to

someone else

who doesn't know you

doesn't love you like I do.

You cannot know that hurt

it hides behind what I must do

It hides behind pictures on the wall

I hang to try to remind you

remind you that I love you.

All the things you cannot know

All the things we shared you can

no longer face, facing away

behind those pictures

behind those smiles

Miles from home.

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