Monday, December 31, 2007

MO Liberty Coalition to meet Saturday, January 5, 2008

Members of Springfield's local Libertarian party are the willing catalysts for a non-partisan citizen's group that you are invited to attend. Springfield's Libertarian party worked diligently to see the State audit of the City of Springfield, including the audit of City Utilities.

Originally, the Chief Petitioner of the petition drive to get the City audited was Doug Burlison, now City Councilman Burlison. Burlison passed that baton to Tom Martz after winning his Council seat in April of 2007.

The group, again, a non-partisan group, has been tentatively named "Missouri Liberty Coalition," the name is subject to change.

The first meeting of the MO Liberty Coalition will take place this Saturday, January 5, at the Kansas Expressway Library Station from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. They will meet in the Frisco Room and everyone is invited to attend.

"It's just people who are concerned with where government is going, how our tax dollars are being spent and how we're being represented, not only on City Council but also when the various department heads seem to turn a blind eye to the people here within the city." ~ Tom Martz on KSGF's Vincent David Jericho Program this morning.

I believe this could be a very interesting meeting and a very interesting "coalition." I plan to attend and observe at least a part of the meeting on Saturday.


tom said...


Thank you for posting this on your blog. I want to make sure people completely understand that this group is NOT affiliated with any political party or group. Just like we have taxpayer watch groups in Washington DC we are going to have one here in Springfield.
We can't do it alone however so anyone that is interested in bringing FISCAL responsibility back to city government can attend and offer assistance.
We also have an e-mail set up for those people that might want to send us information that might lead to bigger things and that is
Anyone is welcome to attend and all comments are welcome.

Anonymous said...

I assume this is a different coalition from the
"Mo Life Saving Cures Coalition."

thank you all for your efforts,
I hope to make a visit Saturday.

JM-Sure are a lot of verification characters to type sometimes... jblkiffzmw to you...

Jacke M. said...

"JM-Sure are a lot of verification characters to type sometimes... jblkiffzmw to you..."

All I can say is gupzedfl to you.

What can I say, it keeps both of us from having to sort through a lot of spam comments, sweetie pie. ;)

Anonymous said...

I understand, just kidding.

Great job.

The Libertarian Guy said...

Thanks for posting this, Jackie. :)