Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Chance to Fill out Springfield's Online "Listening Tour" Survey

Many of you know the City Manager and/or other Springfield City staff members have been on, what they call, a "Listening Tour." Well, I don't know how attentively they listen but, if you don't take the survey at all (or haven't attended one of their presentations) then, you can rest assured, they will NOT be listening to you.

The online survey ends tomorrow so this is your final call to click on this link and take the Springfield "Listening Tour" Survey.

If you take the survey, later, when some smart aleck jerk asks you if you have contributed to the process, as though you have no right to an opinion about it if you haven't, you can say, "HEY, you smart aleck jerk! I took the online listening tour survey, did you????" and you will be righteously justified to complain, or praise, the direction in which the City of Springfield is heading.



Jim Hornaday said...

I took the survey. Today, I look at the 2-22-10 memorandum from Louise Whall to the rest of the City Administration, which listed every citizen response to every proposed CIP traffic upgrade. They didn't cut anything -- they listed the responses I put in.

The citizen responses are so varied on every CIP project, the city can literally pick ANY project they want, and there will be some respondent that thinks that particular project is just WONDERFUL.

I suppose (being somewhat cynical) that this will be perfect justification for the administration to do anything they want, and feel perfectly justified.

Jackie Melton said...


That seems to be the perception of more than a few Springfield residents.

I'm not sure the cure.

I have to wonder, is the fact that the City asks for public input the problem or is the problem that people don't believe "the City" REALLY wants the input but rather they want the people to BELIEVE they want the input?

Either way, it seems many residents will not be pleased. If the City stopped asking for input, people might say, "aha, the City doesn't want our input," but, then, when the City does ask for input the people simply say, "the City doesn't REALLY want our input."

'Tis a conundrum.

Busplunge said...

Jackehammer--thanks for posting this link. I know the city has had it but it is so danged convenient, while reading your blog to just link over there and complete the survey. Just like driving, well as long as I am at license bureau, I might as well run over to Skaggs.

It did take me a little bit longer to find the results of the CIP survey. I attended the forum at the library on South Campbell (ever try to get into Sam's from S. Camp? Watch out for merging drivers) and also completed it online.

I found my comments. as did a previous commmentator.

Expanding on your comments, it is a conundrum.

Let's form a committee to get where we want them to go?