Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vincent David Jericho Back on the Air

Well, sorta. Jericho to be live on the net

If you'd like to hear/see Vincent David Jericho, click on this Web site and scroll down the page until you see the "Watch/Listen Online" button. It's pretty self explanatory. He'll be "on" from 7 AM - 11 AM beginning Monday March 1.

Good luck and blessings to him and on him.

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Anonymous said...

Vince is back.

Jackie is back.

life is good !

Mom to the mighty Zman said...

Glad to see you let people know about
It has been a great first broadcast.
I'm very glad he is back.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it V.D.J was offered a job by another radio station sometime after he was fired. And this station was willing to wait the 6 months untill he could be on the air again. Is this true? And if it is people have been fooled! Jackie please check this out.

Jackie Melton said...

Anon 9:15,

My email address is If you have something other than rumor I'd love to hear it.

I'm not sure how exactly, if what you claim was true it would be more beneficial to Vince to do what he is doing today instead of taking a radio job, and I'm not sure how exactly by doing such he would have "fooled people," fooled them into what?

Truly, email me if you have something solid that matters. I don't particularly see anything unsettling about what you have written, even if true. 'Splain it to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jericho is back and as boring as ever. He is on a mission from God. I think it's to make us all laugh. He takes himself so seriously and it's the funniest thing.

Bob Crowe said...

Vince, I'm glad you are back, I've been asking around and couldn'd get any one to tell me any thing. I'm the guy with the cane, still have lots. I was afraid you'd left town, really glad you didn't