Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sweet and Bitter

What causes brother to hurt brother?
What makes a sister cry?
Why are love and hate so blended?
Intertwined like kite strings stretched out in the sky

Are souls like kite strings playing in the sky?

Disillusioned by the sweet and bitter
disillusioned by shards of heaven's light
by the human dance within it
by the dance of evil in the midst of light
how does evil mix so in the light?

We're walking shadows on taut leashes
spinning tales with worried glances
hiding the light in woven baskets and we're
too taken with ourselves to know

We're spinning tales from sugared bitters
baiting hooks with tainted hatred
playing games with parts of factions
in our spaces growing cold

In the winter

In the sky

frozen kite strings

breaking high

in the wind of bitter hatred
for those factions we find tainted
what causes brother to hurt brother
what causes a sister to cry?

taut leashes...
bitter flow.

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