Monday, February 27, 2006

Again with My Pet Peeve *Sigh*

Yesterday a female participant in the debate group of which I am a member explained to a male (geesh, I started to say member!) participant in the group why he wasn't allowed to have an opinion about abortion because he wasn't a woman. When I pointed out to this person that experience or gender is not a reason to disallow someone to speak to the issue of abortion and she was therefore making an effort to silence his "dissent," she turned it on me that I was trying to keep her from sharing her opinion. See? That's how that works. Now, in her mind because I pointed out that one member has a right to his opinion on abortion I have been accused of not allowing her to have an opinion! Such is the confused mind of a liberal in matters of free speech. The irony! ;)

Following is the exchange with names removed:

The Liberal to the male participant:

"Since you don't have the capacity to be raped female & become pregant as a result, you cannot understand this or empathize with this, can you?"

My reply:

"Oh, BS, XXXX. You aren't the President so you cannot understand or empathize with his decisions so shut up. You are not in the military so you cannot understand or empathize with what a soldier goes through, so shut up. You aren't a clown so you cannot speak out on the issue of a clown's make-up, you've never applied it therefore are unable to understand and empathize with a clown, so shut up (I'm wondering if I should rethink that one. wink). This is just your way of trying to tell XXXX he can't have an opinion and voice I said, BS."

The male participant's reply to me:

"Thanks XXXX, somewhere in that debate I threw in a couple of Bullsh*t's because that's exactly what the wimpy excuse is pure bullsh*t."

My reply to male participant:

"These idiotic "free speech" issues get under my skin, XXXX. Yer welcum."

And finally the grand finale reply directed at me from the female denying the male the right to have an opinion on abortion because he is not a woman:

"OK, XXXX. I take back what I said, since my "free speech" gets under your skin so much. Sorry to bother you." (emphasis mine)

There you have it. I am accused of not wanting her to exercise her "free speech" because I reminded her that everyone has an equal right to it, regardless of gender. I couldn't have asked for a better case in point! Thanks, XXXX!

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