Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rally Cry to FairTax Supporters!

My husband, who is a grassroots volunteer for the FairTax in our State of Missouri, received an e-mail from Dr. Belinda Noah a few moments ago. Following are some excerpts from her letter:

"To all FairTax supporters,
Without going into a lot of detail, some of the most important factors in developing a platform are the results of focus groups and polls of “likely” voters. They tell us a lot about the issues and how the voters arrive at their decision about who they will support and vote for. This gives us a pretty clear idea about how we should shape our platform.

Based on my campaign manager’s assessment of the focus group results and the results of studied polls, we decided on nine main issues to head our platform – tax reform, Social Security and Medicare, economic security for families, education, affordable housing, the war on terror, pro-life, border security and gun control. We decided that all else could be addressed at forums when they come up, such as gun control before the NRA. Our research has shown that gun control, while important, is simply not a hot-botton issue this year with the vast majority of either Democrat or Republican voters....

... I am in this race because Senator Bill Nelson has shown himself, time and again, to be a follower not a leader on the issue of tax reform. Based on his responses to FairTax volunteer’s requests that he become a co-sponsor in the Senate, it is clear he hasn’t even read the Bill.

Congresswoman Katherine Harris, whom I will face in the Florida Republican Party primary on September 5th, was given Neal Boortz’s FairTax Book at a press conference at Duval County’s Republican Party headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, in late October of 2005. She went on and on about how wonderful it was that somebody had finally written a book about tax reform that was understandable. During that press conference she also announced her intentions to tour the state to “listen to the voice of the people.” But when she was pressed by one of those voices about when she would become a co-sponsor of the FairTax, she began equivocating, saying she would have to look at all of the reform plans before deciding on which plan to support… as if she hasn’t had a year to do so already. Later, while addressing the Florida Mortgage Broker’s PAC (which opposes the FairTax) she stated unequivocally that she would support “no” tax reform plan that did not include provisions for a home mortgage tax deduction (a major selling point for real estate and mortgage brokers). So, there you have it.

You cannot count on her support until or unless the Administration gets over its weak-kneed approach to tax reform and comes out to boldly say “the FairTax is the only plan that strengthens the economy, will provide for educating the next generation of America’s children, protects Social Security, provides affordable housing, and is able to grow the economy while we fight an inter-generational war on terror.” If she hasn’t yet seen the light and even if she says she will support the president’s tax reform plan in the future, do you think we should take the chance that it would be the FairTax? We need the FairTax now!

After taking a close, hard look at the FairTax as well as the other proposals on the table, I agreed to come on board. My campaign manager, who is the former State Director for the FairTax Action Team in Florida, built my campaign around the FairTax, so I will win or lose on its merits. To me, this is not a one issue campaign but rather a solid platform built around one issue... the FairTax.

Tax reform cannot be achieved without the FairTax. We cannot strengthen security for families without the FairTax. Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt within the next thirty years under the present tax system. We cannot grow and expand the economy with a tax system that punishes saving and investment. We cannot provide security for families, higher education for our children, or security for seniors and the poorest among us with a tax system that hides the real tax burden from us, artificially inflates prices while holding down wages. And we cannot continue to wage an inter-generational war on terror with a tax system that punishes the American worker, America’s corporations, and does not grow the economy.

I am simply the only candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Florida, and possibly in the entire country, who is running exclusively on the FairTax. If I win the primary and go on to beat Senator Nelson in the General election, it will send shock waves throughout the Halls of Congress. I believe both the Republican and Democratic Parties will have to begin rethinking their entire strategies for the 2008 presidential elections. If a little known, underfinanced candidate coming from nowhere can win on the FairTax issue in Florida over the Machine politics of the Republican and Democratic Parties, it would send a powerful message to them as has nothing before and that they had better get on board the FairTax train or their candidates might just be left at the station in 2008....

...If I win, the FairTax is the big winner and if I lose, the FairTax is still the winner because more people in Florida than ever before will have heard about the FairTax, understand it, and may be willing to get behind it in the future. That is why I am seeking your and support and vote. Your contribution to my candidacy will assure that the FairTax has another voice and vote in the U.S. Senate.

Dr. Belinda Noah, Republican Candidate for the United States Senate "

If you are a FairTax supporter please consider donating to the campaign of Dr. Belinda Noah. This is not only about the Florida State election, this is about FairTax promotion, and that, my friends, transcends State lines! Yeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaw!