Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thoughts on a Recently Deleted Post

This morning I spent quite a bit of time writing a post titled "Freedom of Speech Liberal Style." I have deleted that entry. I realized after the fact that I had written it out of spite over a recent exchange I had at a badchristian blog. My apologies to anyone who might have stumbled across it before I deleted it. Though it said what I had intended to say, I do not want to be guilty of writing entries out of spite toward anyone.

I feel it has been made very clear to me that my comments are less than welcome at a badchristian blog. I cannot feel that any of my comments warranted the repeated critique of my "communication style" rather than my thoughts. This does leave me somewhat bitter. Yes, I am human and I have feelings. Therefore, while I may continue to read Brandon's blog I am going to make every effort to no longer reply there. If I feel I cannot keep my trap shut, I will make every effort to comment on it here rather than there.

Brandon has every right to write about whatever he wants without feeling that he has to please anyone. I have never asked Brandon to edit his thoughts or tried to restrict him in any way. I am sorry he feels that by my comments that somehow I am implying that he should restrict himself and not speak his mind. I feel that he feels I am somehow interfering with his freedom to speak with an open mind. I am truly sorry that he feels that way. Sometimes, however, it is best to leave things alone. I think I have reached that stage. It is obvious that I have overstayed my welcome and that my comments are not appreciated.

Anyway, maybe it means I'll be devoting more time to my own blog. Perhaps I made some friends that I am unaware of, on the other hand, maybe everyone feels like Brandon and Steve J feel, that I am a harsh and smug jackass. In the words of Popeye the Sailor Man: "I yam that I yam and that's all that I yam." I speak my mind, though I do attempt to do it with honesty, sometimes the truth hurts but it is never my intention to hurt someone and I have never intentionally hurt Brandon. My sincere apologies go out to the owner and all commentators of badchristian for any offense that I may have ever caused to anyone, it was quite unintentional and only done in the course of sharing my legitimate feelings or opinions about any given topic. I am well aware that I can be blunt, perhaps I should work on that a bit more. It is definitely something over which I am doing a little "soul searching."


Mini Me said...

During Christmas I had the same thing happen on a blog, one that I had admired for some time. I came out of that totally discouraged and have kept kind of low key since then. That may be why I haven't blogged much, just was a little put off by some of the comments.

The internet can be so harsh, people look at a screen and don't think about the person behind the comment. Every now and then I will enter a debate because I need the practice (I honestly HATE conflict and am trying to face that head on - the internet is a great way to do that for me). But I hate how people make it personal.

By the way, you've been tagged. Check my blog :-)

wildwest said...

Progressives don't always see eye-to-eye with you, Jacke, but that doesn't mean we don't love you.

Jacke M. said...

Mini, I like to debate because I find I learn more when I'm challenged, some people like that, some don't. I have developed a taste for it, myself.

Besides blogging and commenting on other blogger's sites I am also a member of an internet debate group which has both liberals and conservatives as members. I enjoy the group, love all the members and get frustrated at times there too. As a matter of fact, right now I have a fairly rotten attitude and I'm trying to take a bit of a break from that as well.

I do get exhausted at times and it seems that at times I find myself under attack at both places at once. Sometimes subjects converge, which is always interesting. No, I'm not under attack there right now, I just have a bit of a sour attitude. I'm learning to back off when I have a sour attitude, not just for everyone else's sake but for my sake too.


I appreciate your sentiment and I can tell you that I feel the same way but I can only speak for myself, you can only speak for yourself. I believe Mini found me by reading Brandon's blog...evidently she feels there is something redeeming in me, as well. I don't fool myself into thinking that everyone I meet loves me though. I have learned that is a foolish assumption and it is an assumption which I have been hurt by in the past. Mini is absolutely right that the internet can be a VERY harsh place.

I have never expected nor even sought for others to see eye-to-eye with me. It would be nice if people could just accept each other for the people they are and not try to control their behavior. This is not the first time I have been excoriated for my "communication style" by Brandon. He has done it repeatedly and NEVER at my request. He wants to have freedom to express himself however he wants, that's all I want as well. I feel that Brandon, and many of those who frequent there want it for themselves but do not want it to apply to me. Many come to Brandon's defense when this comes up, that's my evidence of that fact. I'm tired of arguing with people about how I argue rather than about the topic. I get plenty of that in that political group. I generally find on blogs, generally, mind you, lest I tick somebody else off (!) that the level of debate at blog sites is a little more intelligent...evidently I fly all over Brandon's last nerve and normally I'd figure I was doing something right to get that strong a reaction but when it comes to blogging that *is* BRANDON'S blog, if I make him that uncomfortable, out of respect for him, I am willing to forego future comment there.

You think he loves me? Lol. I don't get that impression. The words, man, the words, yeah, they ARE serious. He's been trying to give me this message for a while now, if he asks me not to comment there anymore then it makes him look bad, I don't want him to be put in that position, so I'm giving him this "face saving" gesture. Now, he's rid of me, he can pretend it was my choice and looks like the free speech, open minded guy he wants to look like, everybody wins! Yay!

Glad you're around, man, you're the real deal, I recognize that and appreciate it more than I can say. Now, honestly, can you really say you've never seen this sort of thing happen before? Think, my favorite little librul Christian, think! How many arguments were there about "the way I come across" at Bob's? :)

wildwest said...

Yeah, but I admire you. You're pretty brave to go on those progressive sites and let 'em have it. I'm not sure I'd dare do that on a conservative site. I can just imagine the "way you come across" comments I'd have to deal with. So if you need a break from it all, I completely understand. :-)

Jacke M. said...

There are plenty more Progressive Christian blogs where that one came from my friend! Yeeeee Haaaaw! You know I like the debate too much to give it up entirely. I'll do a little visiting as I have time. I'm still planning to continue to READ Brandon's blog, too.

You know, I wonder if it ever occurs to anyone that my bull headed bravery is what gives me the ability to put up with so many of the personal remarks? It would seem to take an arrogant (or smug) person to put up with all that and continue to hang around, now wouldn't it?

Thanks for being a good buddy, now, if I could just get you to give up those ridiculous liberal views of yours!!! ;)

wildwest said...

Not on your life.

Jacke M. said...

Bwaaaa haaaaa haaaaa! :P