Monday, March 02, 2009

Well Fed Neighbor Announces Gardening Intensive

Gardening Intensive!

No matter what level you consider yourself, you'll learn tips and techniques to incorporate into your own gardening.

Friday, March 6
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday, March 7
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Library Center
4653 S. Campbell
Springfield MO 65810

Free Topics are as follows:

The Dirt on Gardening
Good soil is the foundation for any successful garden. Find out how to test, prepare, and maintain healthy garden soil. Learn the tips and techniques to preparing your beds to nurture and grow healthy, vibrant plants.

Location, Location, Location!
Proper site selection means planting plants in that part of your yard where they are most likely to thrive. Save yourself maintenance headaches later if you make wise site-selection choices for your plants to begin with. But site selection can become more complex than simply growing full-sun plants in the sun and shade-loving plants in shady nooks.

Lasagna Gardening
No, this isn't a class focused on Italian cuisine! It's all about building rich soils and reducing watering and weeds in any type of garden. Discover how to use layers of organic materials to transform patches of lawn into a bountiful garden in one season with little labor and a minimal budget.

On Permaculture
Permaculture is a creative and artful way of living, where wastes become resources, productivity and yields increase, work is minimized, people and nature are all preserved and the environment is restored and even enhanced - all by thoughtful planning and a respectful approach to life. Thus embraced, we create an environment where all may thrive for untold generations. Learn what permaculture is and practical examples of how to incorporate permaculture design techniques into one's own life, property, and community.

Gardeners... Start your Seeds!
Did you know you can sow seeds all winter? That peas can be transplanted? No matter what experience you have, you're sure to incorporate new techniques into your own seed starting. Save time, save money. Don't limit yourself to local plants for sale when there are so many incredible varieties you can grow you would never find otherwise. Reward yourself with healthy seedlings.

Square Foot Gardening
No Hoeing, No Weeding, No Work—No Kidding!Adaptable to anyone, any age, any capability.

Ever Versatile Herbs
Herbs delight our senses with their pleasant fragrances, their unique flavors, their medicinal/healing properties and their lovely flowers. A garden without herbs lacks the diversity and interest that these plants can bring to our every day life. Discover how easy it is to enjoy herbs in your own garden.

For Questions or to Register:
Contact Shelley at 417-576-0473

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