Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 17, Springfield City Council Luncheon

Blue Plate Special:

Mr. Goodcents Subs, a side of Springfield-Greene County Regional Health, and an ice cold beverage.

The Springfield-Greene County Regional Health Commission made a presentation to the City Council at their St. Paddy's Day luncheon. Mayor Carlson was absent but all other Council members were present.

The Commission's 2009 Fact Sheet:


Work collaboratively to improve access to health care for medically underserved in Springfield-Greene County and throughout the surrounding region


The Commission believes that community, executive and political stakeholders should work together in an accountable manner and make investments in the following areas:

> Access to a medical home: Support efforts to expand the supply of primary care, specialty care, dental care and vision care
> Access to prescription medication: Support efforts to expand supply of affordable prescription drugs from an administratively efficient and coordinated system
> Improve coordination of health care sub-systems: Support efforts to connect and coordinate all health care sub-systems to ensure all individuals regular access while developing administrative and practitioner responsibility
> Support sustainable fundamental change: Support efforts to develop affordable and sustainable health care for all
> Support affordable health coverage: Support efforts to educate and help employers, employees and individuals acquire appropriate coverage
> Uphold results-oriented approach: Support efforts to create, implement and evaluate metrics that calculate community impact


The goal of the Commission is to improve access to care and reduce the cost of care for the medically underserved by providing a seamless and organized system of care that will set the stage for more effective and efficient coverage and delivery systems. In effect, the Commission shall succeed at its goal by maintaining the following principles:

> Work collaboratively to improve access to quality health care providers and services
> Work collaboratively to enhance care coordination within and across the delivery network
> Work collaboratively to promote preventive health through strong public health education efforts
> Work collaboratively to reduce health care disparities and cultural incompetiencies
> Work collaboratively to improve the cost effectiveness of care
> Work collaboratively to ensure affordable health insurance coverage for all


> Develop and implement a community wide plan and policey agenda
> Serve as a clearing house for existing and new initiatives
> Foster communication among stakeholders
> Secure public and private funding for high leverage improvement initiatives
> Measure progress and overall community performance and health outcomes
> Support efforts to improve effectiveness and reduce cost and duplication

Source: Springfield-Greene County Regional Health Commission 2009 Fact Sheet

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