Thursday, March 26, 2009

Council Bills Passed by the Springfield City Council March 23, 2009


COUNCIL BILL 2009-061: Adopted the Revised Multi-Family Development Location and Design Guidelines and directed the city manager to use the revised guidelines to evaluate rezoning requests to residential low, medium, and high density and planned development with multi-family uses.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-062: Authorized the city manager or designee, and the Springfield-Greene County Park Board to accept distribution of land located in Greene County to be donated by the James Kirke Latimer Revocable Living Trust for use by the Springfield-Greene County Park Board in providing county-wide park and recreation to people of the community and authorized the acceptance of a deed from the trustee.

Both resolutions were passed by the City Council unanimously.*

Second Reading Bills:

COUNCIL BILL 2009-041: Vacated the public right-of-way and reclassified Locust Street between Campbell and Boonville Avenues, and an adjoining alley between Locust and Court Streets.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-042: Amended the Springfield Land Development Code by rezoning approximately 3.39 acres of land generally located at 1116 Norton Road from a general retail to a highway commercial district.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-043: Amended the Springfield Land Development Code by rezoning approximately 11.3 acres of land generally located at the 2000-2200 blocks of West Chesterfield Bouldevard from one planned development district to another planned development district to allow for an adult daycare facility.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-044: Approved "put or pay" agreements with Allied Services, LLC and Waste Corporation of Missouri, Inc. for the delivery of solid waste to the city landfill and directed city staff to submit an amendment to the zoning ordinance to the Planning & Zoning Commission and amendments to the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan of the City to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources; amended the Solid Waste Division of Public Works' budget for the fiscal year 2008-09, in the amount of $475,000, for the purpose of purchasing a tipper, as required by the "put or pay" agreements.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-045: Amended Chapter 94 of the Springfield City Code's definition of a solid waste processing facility; added a definition for a solid waste transfer station; required solid waste transfer stations to obtain licensing; and required certain information from core customers of the city.

All the Second Reading Bills were passed unanimously by the City Council.*

Consent Agenda Bills:

One Reading:

COUNCIL BILL 2009-069: Accepted the West Sunshine/Highway 60 Corridor Study and directed the city manager to cause recommendations to be made for the amendment of adopted plans and policies as a result of the study.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-070: Established and defined the boundaries and adopted the plat, plans, specifications and sealed construction cost estimates, and authorized the acquisition of necessary right(s)-of-way and condemnation of the main sewers located in the general vicinity of Newton Avenue at Talmage Street; provided all labor will be paid at prevailing wage; provided for participation by the City in the construction costs; directed the city manager or designee to advertise for bids for the construction of the sewers in that district; and provided for the payment of those construction costs.

Second Reading:

COUNCIL BILL 2009-046: Authorized the city manager or designee to enter the City and Burrell Housing Springfield, Inc. into a lease agreement to lease land for the construction and operation of multi-family housing for the disabled.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-047: Authorized the city manager or designee, on behalf of the City of Springfield, to enter into a Mutual Aid Agreement with Southwest Missouri Emergency Veterinary Clinic for the care of companion animals living in homes affected by disasters.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-048: Authorized the city manager or designee, on behalf of the City of Springfield, to participate in the Southwest Missouri Region D Mutual Aid Agreement for organizations participating in the regional disaster plan and for the mutual aid of public and private organizations.

COUNCIL BILL 2009-049: Amended the program rules and regulations for the Comprehensive Housing Assistance Program by adopting a new set of program rules and regulations to govern the Comprehensive Housing Assistance Program, to bring the entire program into compliance with new Housing and Urban Development regulations and general updates for such programs.

All of the consent agenda bills were passed unanimously by the City Council.*

*Mayor Tom Carlson and Councilman Doug Burlison were not present to cast their votes at the March 23, 2009 City Council meeting.

Those members present were: Councilman Ralph Manley, Councilman John Wylie, Councilman Dan Chiles, Councilwoman Mary Collette, Mayor Pro Tem Gary Deaver, Councilwoman Cindy Rushefsky, and Councilman Denny Whayne.


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