Sunday, March 15, 2009

Council Candidate Officially Endorses SOS Pledge Initiative

City Council General Seat A candidate Tom Martz has officially announced his endorsement of the Save Our Springfield (SOS) Citizen Coalition's "Rescue the Vision Initiative."

From the press release:

In keeping with my political philosophy I as a candidate for City Council for General Seat A, pledge to support the proposal put fourth by the Save Our Springfield Citizens Coalition:

As previously indicated, as your member of the City Council for general Seat A, I will support the sun setting of the 1/4 cent CIP sale tax in 2010 with a new voter approved sales tax in the same amount dedicated to the Police and Firefighter pension fund. I will also ensure that the City continues to contribute its required portion in addition.

The recent "Rescue the Vision Initiative" of the Save Our Springfield Citizens Coalition has also developed a set of pledges for mayoral and city council candidates to consider. I have pledged my support without exception to the seven pledges.

Click this to read more about the SOS' initiative.


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