Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SOS Spokesman Darin Chappell: "Let's give the City time to ask the voters what they want, not simply give them an our way or the highway option."

A video of the Save Our Springfield (SOS) Town Hall Meeting is available for viewing at "Charity Angel's Thoughts" Web log.

If you were unable to attend the SOS Town Hall meeting, but would still like to know more about the group's alternative 1/4-cent sales tax plan to aid in funding the police and firefighters pension plan, here's your opportunity.

An excerpt to entice you:

"Whatever is going to happen in the economy is going to happen in the economy, it's just that the City can try to meet this actuarially recommended contribution on its own or with $10 to $11 million coming in from the 1/4-cent sales tax. Now, that $10 to $11 million is going to have to come from somewhere. It's either going to come from a tax that we're already paying that's simply been reallocated or the City's going to have to make even more drastic cuts but, the economic situation is going to be true no matter what plan we end up adopting." -Darin Chappell, Spokesman for SOS Citizen Coalition

Of course, we know that the City Manager and current City Council would have preferred the public had supported their 1-cent sales tax initiative but, that isn't what happened. The City Council is now grappling with whether they should decide who should populate the Pension Fund Task Force, themselves or the new Council, expected to be seated in early April.

This plan seems to have a lot of merit to me. I hope the Task Force takes a serious and considerate look at it.

View the video and see what you think, and be sure to leave Charity a note of thanks for making the resource available before you leave her blog.


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