Sunday, March 22, 2009

Council Bills Passed March 9, 2009

I'm a little behind in recording the passed bills from the March 9 meeting but, I think it is a valuable resource to have them listed together in such a form for possible future reference.

Considering there is a new Council meeting tomorrow night, I thought I'd better get the last meeting's passed bills posted.



Emergency Bill 2009-053: City Staff erupted in applause with the passage of this bill, which authorized the city manager, on behalf of the City to accept a settlement agreement with AT&T Mobility and local affiliates for the City's claims for back taxes and the release of taxes paid under protest. With it's passage and the receipt of the settlement amount, the Council also authorized amendment of the budget for fiscal 2008-09 in the amount of $10,225,361 to place the full settlement amount into the police and firefighters pension fund. Mayor Carlson explained that the contribution into the pension fund paid the balance, plus interest on contributions the City failed to make in full for the fiscal years 2004-2007.


Council Bill 2009-034: Authorized the city manager to enter an agreement with the city of Battlefield to amend established annexation boundary areas and accept the amount of $50,000 from a property developer as payment in lieu of future tax revenue.

Both the emergency and second reading bills were passed by a unanimous vote of the City Council.*



Council Bill 2009-050: Declared the necessity of constructing district sanitary sewers in the general vicinity of Delaware Avenue at Bennett Street; provided for publications and notices.

Council Bill 2009-051: Approved plans, specifications and Hunter Chase & Associates, Inc.'s bid in the amount of $678,644.45 for the construction of Cherry Street improvements from Glenstone Avenue to Grandview Avenue. The engineer estimate for the improvements was $855,719.50. The Hunter Chase & Associate bid was $177,075.05 below the engineer estimate. The accepted bid was the lowest bid for the project.

Council Bill 2009-052: Approved plans, specification and Hartman & Company, Inc.'s bid in the amount of $359,571.35 for the construction of the Sunshine Street and Fremont Avenue intersection improvements project. The engineer estimate for the improvements was $430,838. Hartman & Company's bid was $712,666.50 below the engineer estimate and it was the lowest bid for the project.

The one reading consent agenda bills were passed unanimously by the City Council. There were no second reading consent agenda bills.*

*Council members present February 23, 2009: Mayor Tom Carlson, Mayor Pro Tem Gary Deaver, Ralph Manley, John Wylie, Dan Chiles, Mary Collette, Doug Burlison, Cindy Rushefsky, Denny Whayne


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