Sunday, March 22, 2009

Interview with City Council General Seat A Candidate Tom Martz

This is number 2 in a series of email interviews with Mayoral and Council Candidates.

1. Please rate the following core services in the order in which you, personally, feel they should be prioritized (Martz's answers precede the listed core services):

3. capital improvements
1. public safety
4. quality of life, as in entertainment; parks; sport events; the arts; etc.
2. road and bridge maintenance and infrastructure

2. Do you support a 1 percent sales tax to fund the police and fire pension plan?

Martz: NO

3. Do you support a sales tax of some amount less than 1 percent but equal to or more than 1/8-cent? If so, what would you consider the ideal amount within that range?

Martz: I have signed onto the SOS citizen coalition plan to redirect the 1/4% CIP tax which is going to sunset in FEB

4. Describe, in your opinion, what are "core city services."

Martz: Police, Fire, storm water drainage, traffic control devices, infrastructure.

5. If forced to cut areas of the budget which include the core city services you listed or indicated in #4, list the order in which you would cut the services from the most to the least amount.

Martz: quality of life issues, followed by capitol improvements, then followed up by reductions in workforce. Public safety is NOT an area that will see cuts if I'm elected to city council at least not by my voting.

6. Are there any core city services listed in #4 that you would simply refuse to support cutting? If so, why would you refuse to cut those services?

Martz: Areas of public safety

7. When funding capital improvement projects how would you set priorities among the projects eligible for funding in the current and upcoming voter approved capital improvement project lists?

Martz: Every project will be put through rigorous cost benefit analysis before being funded.

8. How would you stay in touch with your constituents to insure you were properly representing them?

Martz: e-mails, phone, town hall type meetings and going into there place of business to discuss the issues which concern them.

9. Explain why you want to serve on the City Council.

Martz: At some point the people of an area have to take responsibility for the abuse, wasteful spending, and lack of involvement of local government in dealing with issues that concern the greater good of the community. These people have a choice to try to change the misdirection from the floor of the council chambers by talking to the elected members or to become involved in the day to day running of city government. I have chosen the day to day aspect to bring about REAL change to the city of Springfield.

10. If elected to City Council, will you read the background information on every bill proposed for passage before you enter the Council Chambers to hear first reading of a bill and before casting your vote to either support or oppose the bill?

Martz: I currently do this now and would not change that aspect upon my election to represent the people of this city. It takes an involved informed person to know and understand how city government operates. I have done this actively for the past three years.

11. In your opinion, do current events effect past votes of the public on any given sales tax?

Martz: In times of economic prosperity you could probably say YES, if the voters were truly informed on what they were voting on. In economic downturns it becomes a priority of the city council to spend money only on projects which will return the investment outlay.

12. In your opinion, would it ever be beneficial to poll registered Springfield voters or your zone constituency, by some method you might determine yourself, regarding controversial issues before making a decision as to whether you would support a particular bill?

Martz: I would hope that with my election that I can get more people involved in the process and educate them in a manner that they themselves will want to become more informed. I want to hold workshops so people can come out and learn how to understand the council process, council agenda, and quite possibly change the manner in which legislation is placed on the agenda and the time frame of which it is on the agenda.

13. Do you consider yourself to have a conservative philosophy or a liberal philosophy, or perhaps, somewhere in between? Explain.

Martz: In the General Seat "A" race I am clearly the most conservative candidate in terms of fiscal responsibility, government transparency, taxation, government growth. There are clearly areas that Springfield should NOT be involved in and I want to see to it that tax dollars are spent on core essential services.

14. What personal philosophy(ies) do you hold which might effect the way you vote on future issues of the City?

Martz: My first question will always be is this the position of government and should government be involved in this??

15. Do you recycle? If not, why not?

Martz: I own an environmental company so we recycle everything we possibly can

16. When was the last time you visited a Springfield area park? When and if you visited a Springfield area park, did you attend a special event or just decide to go to the park?

Martz: I am a regular visitor to Doling Park either to feed the geese, walk the dog, or just out for a leisurely stroll.

17. What is your favorite color?

Martz: purple

18. What is your favorite item of clothing and why?

Martz: I don't have a favorite item of clothing, unless it would be my loud pink tie, however I don't wear ties that often

19. What is your favorite genre of music?

Martz: I listen to rock, jazz, country, R & B

20. What is your favorite book?

Martz: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand or the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye

21. Do you have any pets? Cat(s)? Dog(s)? Are you a "cat person" or a "dog person" and why?

Martz: We have two dogs and two cats, I'm the dog person because I do not like the sneakiness of cats

22. Do you attend a church regularly? If so, what faith would you associate yourself with?

Martz: Up until I was affected with this vertigo problem we attended every Sunday, currently the patterns on the wall coverings and in the carpet of my church makes me extremely dizzy and sick. We attended the LDS church off of Ingram Mill Road when we were attending regularily.

23. What is your favorite kind of food?

Martz: Lasagna

24. What is your favorite kind of pie?

Martz: cheesecake


Martz: butterscotch or butter rum

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