Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good Morning Springfield Program to Include State of the City Address

The Public Information Office of the City of Springfield has announced that Mayor Tom Carlson will make his annual State of the City Address as a part of the Chamber of Commerce hosted Good Morning Springfield Program on Thursday at 7:30 a.m.

From the News Release:

"The program, sponsored by the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, will take place at the Springfield Art Museum, 1111 Brookside Drive.

Mayor Tom Carlson will talk with Chamber President Jim Anderson about current topics in Springfield as well as his 25-year career in public service for the City of Springfield. This will be Mayor Carlson's sixth and final State of the City program before he leaves office after the April 7 election."

Last year's State of the City Address brought quite a bit of media attention due to comments Carlson made regarding the media's coverage of City affairs at that time.

Here is a part of last year's address that brought some of that attention and you can see more excerpts of last years address here:

"The challenges that this community is facing in trying to get the community to support things have increased many fold.

I (will) probably not make any friends right here, but I'll tell you that our friends in the media don't support the community like they used to. I think I am qualified to say that, not only as a person that's worked as a journalist and as an editor, but also as a person that's worked in public life.

It's not like it used to be, there's not the depth, there's not the scope, there's not the understanding on the part of the media, on the topics that they're covering. On top of that, we have this internet thing that's going on now, with this blogging stuff, where people used to, if you wanted to say something, you had to put your name to it, now, there's this anonymous character assassination that is encouraged in order to sell newspapers or other media outlets. It makes it very difficult to get your message out." -Mayor Tom Carlson, from his state of the city report, June 5, 2008.

I entered a couple of other posts on the topic, in the order of their entry, see:

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Jackie Melton said...

Dear peanut gallery guy,

I don't do 7:30 a.m. of my own free will. I'll probably be snuggled up with a flatulent Boston Terrier named "Scooter."

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Soon someone will invent a synthetic peanut, patent it, and it'll become the greatest thing since sliced, crustless, vitamin enriched, organic whole wheat.

DANGER: FAT GUY Jumping said...

That's ok, I just read about it from Rush Limbaugh--LOL!