Friday, July 10, 2009

Local Writers Continue to Inform Public about Community Improvement Districts

Mark "Stormy" Davis weighed in on the Community Improvement District (CID) issue in the "Springfield News-Leader" on Friday. Davis is a member of the News-Leader's Editorial board.

What you may not know is Davis also writes a local blog, "The Storm Watch," and this is not the first time he's written about CIDs (see: "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly About CID's !").

If you are interested in learning more about CIDs, I posted links, specifically related to the Commercial Street CID, written by the News-Leader's Kary Booher back in June and for further background, Brian Brown, a staff writer for the "Community Free Press" wrote "C-Street May Seek Improvements Tax," for the November 19, 2008 issue of that paper. Brown's article also provided some basic and comprehensive facts about CIDs.


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