Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Alternate to the Pension Task Force Proposes Police and Firefighter Retention Idea

Fred Ellison carbon copied me on an email he sent to the Mayor and City Council today. Ellison is an alternate member of the Police and Fire Pension Task Force. In the email, he presented a very intriguing idea for retaining police and firefighters who have reached retirement eligibility.

Following is Ellison's email:

Mayor and Council Members:

It has come to my attention that Police and Fire employees who exceed the period of employment for the maximum years of service are still required to contribute to the Pension Plan. This is a direct disincentive to any potential decision to continue their employment.

If the employee contribution for these retirement eligible employees was discontinued, this would be equivalent to an 11.35% raise and could provide the incentive for these very valuable employees to continue working for a few more years. This could be particularly helpful during the current personnel shortages in these two vital service departments.

I believe that this change is also a matter of fundamental fairness from the standpoint that when they stop receiving any additional benefits, they should no longer be required to make contributions.

Fred B. Ellison


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