Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pythian Castle Resolution Delayed

Saturday, in this posting, I alerted readers that according to Tamara Finocchiario, owner of the Pythian Castle, the City Council would be considering whether to "spot blight" the Pythian Castle through a resolution presented on the July 27, City Council agenda.

A designation of blight would pave the way for Finocchiaro to, possibly, qualify for a HUD loan to assist in bringing the historic property into compliance with City code requirements.

Tuesday, Finocchiaro alerted me that the resolution has been postponed.

Springfield Planning and Development Department Grants Administrator Vern Morgan informed Finocchiaro the resolution would be delayed in an email on Monday.

In the email, Morgan informed Finocchiaro the Law Department had decided the City can't request an exception for a single project, and the rule change needs to be written broadly enough that other properties, under similar circumstances, might also qualify for the "spot blight" designation.

Morgan, who will re-write the resolution, said the deadline for including the amended, proposed resolution has passed for including it on the July 27 agenda but, according to Morgan, it will be re-scheduled for first reading and public hearing at the August 10 City Council meeting.



chestnut expressway said...

Congrats again to the City of Springfield, on once again dumping on the little people and their projects that do not have the letters JQH on them....

The Statue of Liberty would not meet modern fire codes and would probably be shut down if it was in Springfield.

I understand that the LITTLE people will SOON get to VOTE on some BIG money that the BIG people want...

With a sunset tax coming in 2010, and another Parks sunset tax coming in 2011, we know where the police and fire money will come from....

dmarks said...

What an interesting looking old building.